“Para Dotos Os Carotos 3”: Laura Condor breaks up the relationship between Laura Jean and Peter in a new film; Check it out!

Adaptação entra no catálogo da Netflix no dia 12 de fevereiro

Fans of the book trilogy Jenny Hahn We are already counting on the release of the third and final film on the “For All Boys” franchise! Because this feature completes the story of our beloved Laura Jean (Lana CondorAnd her boyfriend Peter Gavinsky (Nova Sentino) – Pause for sighs! -, finally after many obstacles to be together.

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With such public interest to verify this result, the cast of the new Netflix movie has been offering several interviews to promote the project. Lana Condor, Responsible for giving life to the protagonist of the story. Recently, the actress took part in a chat Entertainment Weekly, He talked about the couple’s future in embracing the streaming service.

I hope Laura Jean and Peter have been dating for a year at this point, so you can really tell how comfortable they feel with each other. Finally they have their relationship, they are on the same side and there is no doubt about anyone else. It feels like real life. Our director said this in the best possible way […], He feels like Laura Jean and Peter, they are always engaged to each other. When they lie down in bed, they are always comfortable to knit and they know how to fit.“, She said.

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He added: “It gives the beautiful feeling of yes, they’re finally gone through the stage of love triangles and letters, and it feels like real life. You see them travel, they look at them comfortably and confidently. I think Laura Jean always feels the same way about the beat of her own drums.” She came to the parade, she has always been a very unique and strange woman, now I feel like her world is getting bigger and she can enter it with more confidence.. ”

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Enters the list of “All Boys: Now and Forever” Netflix February 12, is also Valentine’s Day in the United States. You won’t lose, will you?

Watch the trailer:

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