Patrick Dempsey & Ellen Pompeo Address Fans Turn – Timeline

Patrick Dempsey & Ellen Pompeo Address Fans Turn - Timeline

Spoiler Alert: The story includes details about ABC’s Season 17 premiere Gray physique.

ABC’s two-hour Season 17 premiere Gray physique Five and a half years in production ended with the moment the jaw fell. The original male lead of the series Patrick Dempsey Appeared in a beach dream scene with his character Derek Shepard Ellen PompeoMeredith crashed into the Gray Sloan parking lot. Reconnecting Grace anatomy The favorite couple of all time was the happy climax of the premiere, which overcame the harsh realities of the corona virus infection. After the episode aired, Gray physique Shoranner Christa Vernoff Released a statement addressing the adults, while Pompeo discussed the ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. Dempsey joined in with an Instagram post on Friday.

Find out more below Exclusive question and answer of the deadline With Vernoff, Pompeo and Dempsey, in which they share the story behind the big earnings and answer the burning questions from the premiere.

Vernoff, who first addressed fans after the season starter aired on the East Coast, released a gallery with behind-the-scenes photos of Pompeo and Dempsey during the filming of the beach scene. He also spoke of McDermie’s surprise return.

The most important task we have received this season is to respect the reality of this global epidemic and the impact it will have, especially on health workers. Along with that our show had to come up with creative ways to be more fun and romantic and provide some escape. Enter Patrick Dempsey. The beach theme – which will continue beyond the premiere – gave us a way to live here and there, even for a short time outside of epidemics. Derek’s visit gave us, Meredith, and the fans pure joy. Season 17 is a hard work by our cast, our crew, our writers and our partners at Disney and ABC – and we’re proud of that. But our effort is nothing compared to the jobs of our leading health workers who are dedicated this season. We hope our show inspires you to wear your masks and protect each other. As Derek Sheppard puts it, ‘This is a beautiful day to save lives.’

In Instagram posts on Friday, Dempsey and Ellen shared relevant photos from the beach shoot urging fans to wear masks.

On the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, Pompeo talked about reuniting with Dempsey.

“It was a lot of fun,” he said. “Because we know people are going to leave, we all know that 2020 was a very long, ugly road. We were able to film these scenes and were so happy to know how much fun it brings people. We definitely had a ball.”

Kimmel said the size of the plot point.

“Maxmeet has never seen anything shocking on this show since he broke his penis,” he asked.

Kimmel compared Dempsey to another ABC drama series from The Dead, which premiered the same season. Gray physique That was introductory, he said Grace Connected to “Lost” territory with turn.

Pompeo said, “Seventeen seasons. We are involved in dealing with everything. “

Kimball roasted whether Pompeo’s character Meredith was dead or in a coma. Pompeo was mostly mom, but that’s an ad for next week’s episode Gray physique The release after the premiere answers that question. (See this below video of Pompeo’s JKL appearance.)

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