Patrick Dempsey will return in the Disney + series


Patrick Dempsey, Well known actor Gray physique, Confirmed the return Ghost It will be launched Disney +. In an interview, the actor also talked about plans for the shooting of the second film, which should be called Disappointed. Information Omelette.

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In participating Good Morning America, Dempsey, Who plays the romantic couple Amy Adams, Robert Philip, In Ghost, Talked about this scene: “I got the script for the second film, take my notes, they say we’re going to work in the spring”. In the United States, spring runs from March to May.

First Ghost Launched in 2007, the sequel has been in development since 2010. The plot must continue Giselle Ten years after the events of the original film about the meaning of “always happy”.

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Other stars in the cast are yet to be confirmed, but that is to be expected James Marston e Idina Menzel Return to the queue in the role of Edward e Nancy.

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