PayPal users targeted by the Laughing Campaign

PayPal users targeted by the Laughing Campaign

In order to obtain user access data, the program starts with an SMS message alerting the victims of suspicious activity on your account.

The new is in circulation Phishing campaign via SMS In order to get the credentials of Access to PayPal accounts.

The warning was dropped by cybersecurity firm ESET, and the campaign sent “SMS notifications” that appeared to be sent by PayPal and “alerted” victims. Your accounts are “permanently restricted” due to suspicious activity.

Following this situation, the user is asked to verify his or her identity by following the link sent by that SMS.

At first glance, this may seem like a daunting task, as PayPal imposes restrictions on sending and withdrawing money.

This is done whenever “high risk activities” are detected in the account, whenever it is suspected that the account may have been accessed by an unauthorized third party.

However, in this case, about it A campaign Fishing Also known as SMS based Laughing.

When we click on the link included in the message, we are redirected to a fake login page, which requires us to enter our PayPal user credentials.

In doing so, the credentials will be immediately sent to the CyberDoc teacher, who, on the same page, will attempt to obtain additional personal data.

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