PCB SPAL calls for urgent action to rectify the situation of workers – Observer

PCB SPAL calls for urgent action to rectify the situation of workers - Observer

The PCB has asked the government to take urgent action to rectify the situation of spall workers in Nasser, as the Christmas subsidy is being paid in installments due to the company’s financial problems.

In an interview with Labor, Solidarity and Social Security Minister Ana Mendes Godinho, the Alcoba Ceramic Society (SPAL), located in Valdos Dos Frats, Nasser Municipality, PCP A restructuring “cuts and changes have always been made at the expense of workers”.

The partial payment of the Christmas subsidy was denounced by the Nazareth and Alcopana Communist Councils in the district of Lyre in December 2020, after the company decided to pay 25%, and the remaining 75% was settled in three more installments.

It gets even more serious definitions, considering that we are experiencing great hardship for most families in Portugal. ”

According to the PCB, SPAL receives “50% of the specified subsidy for laid-off workers” from Social Security. Coming soon, 25% of the immediate payment to these workers is unnecessarily withheldExcept for “defaulting the area on him”.

In December, in response to the Lusa Agency, The company justified paying only a 25% subsidy Economic problemsS reflecting on the special revival process [PER]”, Which progressed in September 2020, in response to the“ business crisis ”caused by the Kovit-19 epidemic, which was exacerbated by the sudden and significant collapse of the world economy.

The company, which questioned Lusa, said this Friday that “the remaining 25% of installments are expected to be paid in the coming months.”

Taking into account the accumulated losses, especially in the last two years, the SPAL is in the process of restructuring, including the layoffs of 38 workers and 30 more by mutual agreement. Because orders have not been significantly resumed. The company maintained the remaining 270 jobs.

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The PCP now wants to know if the government is aware of the “severe situation” facing SPAL workers and what “urgent measures” are being taken to respect workers’ rights.

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