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Kevin McDonald (‘Whitney’) was the executive producer of this Netflix documentary, which found the famous Brazilian football star in three World Cup victories.

Not every athlete deserves a 10-part series like Michael Jordan The last danceBut Pele, one of the greatest footballers of all time and one of the greatest players of the last century, deserves this talented, well-made, but slightly more than generic documentary presented by Netflix.

Now immersed in what can be considered Streamer’s home style: seamless emotional music, interviews with talking heads, plenty of archival scenes, often dizzying rhythms. Skin He mainly focuses on three World Cup titles, winning with ace and a half Brazil, the latter when he was under the domination of a brutal military dictatorship. In that sense, directors David Trihorn and Ben Nichols do a good job of describing the tug-of-war between sport and politics, and winning the most coveted prize in football also means doing it for the honor of a murderous regime.

But for those who are full of Pele or who want to understand what made him so great, there are plenty of gaps to fill, perhaps starting with the reason he was already called Pele in the first place. (Record: His real name is Edson Arantes du Nacimento, while Pele was a childhood nickname, meaning no one can remember.)

The extraordinary talent of the footballer on the field was revealed in some of the broadcasts that cleverly edited his exploits at the World Cup in 1958, 1962 and 1970. However, an injury in 62 games kept him out of the tournament. . The pictures at the end of the national team Jaicinho (many of the best Brazilian players are monopolized by Madonna or Neymar) who scored seven notable goals in the 1970 Cup sometimes seem as interesting as we see Pele, is it quite exceptional?

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Trihorn and Nichols are able to summarize the wealth of data in just 108 minutes, after the amazing Pele was selected by the province at the age of 15, despite his energy, Santos FC, he was all over. Your local life. At 17, Pele was already playing in his first World Cup, becoming the youngest player to lead a team to the final, where he scored two goals against host Sweden and giving Brazil their first national title.

Since then, Pele has often been called the “King of Football”, and his name around the world is similar to the game he played so well and with so much joy, a country that had seen some of his most exciting days before. Supported by the United States government, it went unnoticed but attacked in 1964, plunging Brazil into a two-decade-long dictatorship.

At one point, the film illustrates how Pele failed to publicly criticize the military-backed government, especially when it was at its relentless peak under Emilio Carrastas Medic. “I have done more for his country as a footballer than as a politician,” the athlete defends his inaction.

With honesty and endurance in current conversations, as well as scenes of him being pushed in a wheelchair and playing with his ex-comrades (the documentary brings out the best Brazilians who killed the best Brazilians, including Amarillo, Mengelvio and Jacallo), the now-80-year-old Pele has the same successful smile and the same glamorous indifference that made him such a celebrity in his day. As a testament to a late scene, he still manages to tap hard, which Pele did invariably in moments of success or failure, as exciting as a soap opera in his country.

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The film begins and ends at the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, where Brazil came out on top with pride and proudly distributed decisive passes to his teammates, thanks to Pele’s leadership as a senior midfielder. Authors Matteo Bini, Andrew Hewitt and Julian Hart make this recent international appearance unforgettable, which shows just how dramatic Pele is in a country ruled by brutal bandits.

He was only 30 at the time, but this was his last major match. The rest of Pele’s career was dedicated to starting professional football in the United States; His exploits for the New York Cosmos are best described in the 2006 document Once in a lifetime – Various humanitarian activities, a short career as sports minister in Brazil and a stunt in Hollywood, where he co-starred with Sylvester Stallone and Michael Caine in John Huston’s Forgotten Game of War. Success. (A clip of this would be welcome.)

Most of the above are pushed to the final credits, which is understandable given the amount of material needed to complete Pele’s life from start to finish. What is unforgivable is that filmmakers can never experience the pure magic of their game, which is only seen in a few moments. He did not fully emphasize the pride of being the first black athlete to achieve such a reputation in Brazil in history, which was something that was suggested, but never placed in real context. Just as Pele encouraged love and fame among his fans, this refined and well-intentioned autobiography does not do the same.

Developer: Netflix
Distributors: Netflix

Directors, Producers: David Trihorn, Ben Nichols
Executive Producers: Kevin McDonald, John Owen, Jonathan Rogers
Photography Director: Michael Latham
Editors: Matteo Pini, Andrew Hewitt, Julian Hart
Composers: Antonio Pinto, Gabriel Ferreira, with Felipe Kim

Portuguese, English, French
108 minutes

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