Pedro Sousa prepares an odyssey: “It seems a bit confusing situation …”

Pedro Sousa prepares an odyssey: "It seems a bit confusing situation ..."

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At the end of the pre-season, many doubts remain as to where he will compete again.

Until January 9, Pedro Sousa will still not know which tournament will start the 2021 season. The Portuguese number two and the 105th world championship have an ocean of uncertainties to come and next Monday the first successes will be known in the council list main Australian Open – if a withdrawal occurs, enter immediately, being exempt from qualifying.

A new opportunity presents itself five days later (January 9), in the announcement of the second and final cast review – if there is at least one name crossed out, he is also exempt from qualifying, but will not experience the admission to the best grid only when already in Doha, where qualifying begins the next day. In this case, the trip to the capital of Qatar would be a round trip, but for a good cause …

Bottom line: If you enter Melbourne directly, you’ll first head to the United States or Turkey, where the ATP250s from Delray Beach and Antalya compete against each other (January 5-13). If you are due to compete in the Australian Open qualifiers between January 10 and 13, cancel everything and attend Doha. “That’s what it is …”, responded Pedro Sousa, well to his (relaxed) style, when O GOGO approached him to understand what kind of odyssey he will live in the first month of the new Year. “It seems like a somewhat confusing situation, but above all it’s a set of doubts that exist as to whether or not I will go straight into the Australian Open,” explained the Lisbon player, who already knows he has no fees. , not only to travel on a chartered plane, but to fill the forty after arriving in Melbourne.

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