Pelosi’s office admits indoor hair appointments in violation of San Francisco Covid-19 restrictions.

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Approval is Fox News coverage Erica Kious, the owner of the beauty salon, was upset that Pelosi broke the rules of having to do these hair treatments outdoors due to a pandemic. Fox also reported that it had obtained a security video showing the speaker inside the eSalon without a mask.

Pelosi’s staff claimed that Pelosi wore a mask while trimming her hair, except for a short period of washing her hair. The security footage shows Pelosi not wearing a mask while walking briefly between two small rooms in the salon. Her hair is wet as if washed.

“The speaker always wears a mask and complies with local Covid requirements,” Pelosi’s vice president Drew Hammill said in a statement.

However, Hammill’s remarks admitted that Pelosi and her staff relied on someone’s interpretation at the salon for what the new city regulations, which went into effect on Friday, to allow, and that he was wrong.

Hammill said, “The business offered speakers to come in on Monday and allowed the city to have one customer at a time.” “The speaker followed the rules set out by this facility.”

Pelosi’s staff said that the speakers usually have regular stylists who go to Pelosi’s house and do their hair. But on Monday, he wasn’t there, so I introduced Pelosi’s staff to eSalon’s stylists, as this is where Pelosi’s regular stylists worked.

CNN contacted Kious and eSalon by phone and email, but did not receive an immediate response.

Kious told Fox News that her salon stylist is independent, rents chairs and is one of her independent stylists who told Kious that he plans to do Pelosi’s hair on Monday.

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“Am I kidding now? Are you letting this happen? What should I do?” In an interview with Fox News, Kious told Fox News that if her stylist lent a chair from her, she “can’t control” what she does and “they don’t pay now.”

Kious describes Pelosi’s visit as “the moment she slaps her in the face, you know, she just feels that she can just go and handle her stuff while others can’t get in and I feel I can’t work” I did.

San Francisco’s new restrictions allow hairdressers to operate outdoors with certain procedures such as shampoo, color and chemical treatment. Still forbidden.

Covid’s hair salon and barbershop closures and restrictions have been politicized throughout the year. Last May, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz got a haircut at a beauty salon in Texas, whose owner was imprisoned for refusing his state’s home order and resuming business early. President Donald Trump, who has continued to push for business resumption due to the epidemic, also tweeted his support for the owner of a Texas beauty salon.

Trump retweeted Fox News’ story about Pelosi less than a week after hosting a speech at the Republican National Convention on the lawn south of the White House with little use of social streets and masks.

On Capitol Hill, Pelosi tightened restrictions on lawmakers in response to Covid-19, demanding masks in the House Floor and Capitol hallway. And she instructed all committee chairs to require masks to be worn at committee meetings when attendees are not speaking, and pushed forward rules allowing delegate voting to allow lawmakers who cannot travel during the pandemic to vote on their behalf. .

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Pelosi was also the Democrat’s chief negotiator for another financing for the coronavirus response. That effort has been mostly delayed because Democrats and Republicans are far from the top spending figures.

CNN’s Manu Raju and Dan Simon contributed to this report.

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