Pepsi is set to release ‘Coca’ Cola in the new year

Pepsi is set to release 'Coca' Cola in the new year

Some people believe that Pepsi has released its new flavor and wants it hot, which is affected by a seasonal classic – hot chocolate.

According to a tweet, the soda company plans to start the new year with its Pepsi ‘Coca-Cola’, which is “the concept coming from the Pepsi Test kitchen.” This drink is a “tasty blend of cocoa mixed with Pepsi Cola (and Marshmallow’s note)” by CNET. Announced.

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Why did Pepsi decide to make this taste?

After the brand posted a tweet, the familiar sounding ‘Coca’ Cola drink was created on the orders of Pepsi fans: “What could be sweeter than saying‘ pie ’for the worst year? Pepsi‘ Coca ’Cola – Latest Comment Pepsi Test Kitchen.

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The brand has shared that it will make a block in 2021, but has not released further details.

“Would you like to try and get your hands on it? 2,021 rtcs, we will create a package. # PepsiCo Coca Cola,” the tweet noted.

After the tweet increased, the soda maker was able to collect the required 2021 retweets, pushing even around 4,800 as of Friday evening.

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While fans may seem interested in tasting the chocolate and marshmallow-flavored soda, Pepsi has not shared a perfect date for the release of this drink, or can trust consumers to pick it up.

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