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Proper sciences are very important in social life and they are portrayed in many works of cinema. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Calculus – including Trigonometric integrations – And many sectors in the region ended up on the big screens, yet are viewed on smaller TV screens and streaming sites.

In addition to science fiction, there are numbers and logical reasoning in plays, adventures, and autobiographies as guides to the main plot of the protagonist’s journey or as the background to the story.

Works adapted from real facts are common to those who have transformed the world from their talent and dedication to the study of proper sciences.. There are also films that have adopted “poetry licenses” to work on mathematical concepts – both in the name of the script and in the emotions of the audience.

The following list offers four movie recommendations for those who love the exact sciences. Topics can be found on the Internet.

Rain Man – United Artists – Revelation

Rain man (Rain man – 1988)

Rain Man – United Artists – Revelation

Launched in 1988, Rainman won major Oscars in 1989, including Best Picture, Best Director for Barry Levinson, Best Actor for Dustin Hoffman and Best Original Script.

Young executive Charlie Bobbitt (Tom Cruise) discovers that his father left most of his wealth to Raymond (Dustin Hoffman), a man diagnosed with Sawant Syndrome, whose brother lived in a clinic whose existence is unknown.

Charlie kidnaps Raymond to ensure hereditary access, however, he does not realize that he has embarked on a journey to discover the meaning of brotherhood.

Raymond is capable of solving mathematical problems with speed and accuracy, as well as having extraordinary memory. Talent attracts the brother and brings the characters closer.

Inappropriate Genius – Miramax Films – Revelation

Inappropriate genius (Good bow hunting – 1997)

Inappropriate Genius - Miramax Films - Revelation
Inappropriate Genius – Miramax Films – Revelation

The 1997 film won two Oscars at the 1998 Festival: Best Supporting Actor for Robin Williams and Best Original Script for Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

At the age of 20, Will Hunting (Matt Damon) was a young man who had accumulated columns by the police and did not know how to deal with emotions and had no expectations about the future. After his arrest, he decides to undergo treatment, but does not agree with any investigator until he meets Sean Maguire (Robin Williams).

Will’s life is dynamic and his ability with catalytic mathematics to discover Will’s genius. A Boston University cleaner, he impresses college students by solving a theorem proposed in a class.

Manipal: The Man Who Changed the Game – Colombia Pictures – Revelation

Manipal: The game changer (Manipal – 2011)

Manipal: The Man Who Changed the Game - Colombia Pictures - Revelation
Manipal: The Man Who Changed the Game – Colombia Pictures – Revelation

The film was inspired by the 2002 season of the American baseball team Auckland Athletics, which denied the National League in the United States. The team’s general manager, Billy Bean (Brad Pitt), with the help of Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), began assembling the team using the players’ performance statistics.

With the results of the analysis-based strategy, the team changed the way they viewed and organized the game.

The film shows how each player’s stats were used, as criteria for permanence, exit and team name hiring. Other teams began to adopt an innovative strategy.

The Man Who Sees Infinite – Diamond Films – Revelation

The Man Who Sees the Infinite (The Man Who Knows Infinity – 2015)

The Man Who Sees Infinite - Diamond Films - Revelation
The Man Who Sees Infinite – Diamond Films – Revelation

This 2015 British film is based on the life of Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan (Dev Patel). He was born in 1887 in Madras, the poorest region of the country. Ramanujan sent scientific papers to the self-taught mathematician Godfrey Harold Hardy (Jeremy Irons).

As a result of the correspondence, Ramanujan was invited to study at Trinity College, Cambridge. The film illustrates the relationship of friendship, the conflict between different perspectives, the difficulty in embracing different cultures, racism and the impact of the First World War.

Srinivasa Ramanujan was one of the most influential mathematicians of the 20th century, numbers and Series Infinite, and formulas for calculation Infinite decimals of pi number at high speed. A century later, he still influences mathematics, computer development, physics, economics, and the study of black holes.

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