Person ‘plays’ badminton with NEOWISE comet in viral photo

Man 'plays' badminton with NEOWISE comet in viral photo

Which is just one way to keep lively through a pandemic.

An English gentleman took a picture of himself “participating in” badminton with the NEOWISE comet above the Quantock Hills in Somerset, England, British information company SWNS reports.

Laurence Douglas-Greene stated he wished to build an impression no one particular had observed but, in spite of the comet obtaining been obvious on Earth due to the fact July 7.

This stunning image displays a man pretending to enjoy badminton with Comet NEOWISE above the Quantock Hills in Somerset. (Credit score: SWNS)


“I go out 2 times a month to seize the Milky Way and whole moon images anyway as astronomy has always fascinated me,” Douglas-Greene told SWNS. “I wished to make a little something that nobody has thought of or completed nonetheless, to my awareness. So I retained checking the climate and planned this site mainly because the Quantocks Hills are like my next property — it can be an perfect place to seize photos of wildlife, landscape and the night time sky.”

Douglas-Greene, who took the image on July 17, claimed it was a little bit of get the job done to hold the badminton racket in the chilly air, and he essential several attempts to get it suitable. In the end, he built it work.

“It did consider me a several makes an attempt operating again and forth but I’m delighted with the total result.”


NEOWISE, which can be noticed with the naked eye, has been seen due to the fact July 7, NASA said on its web site.

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“The comet will take about 6,800 many years to make a single lap about its extended, stretched out orbit, so it is not going to go to the internal solar program all over again for numerous hundreds of decades,” the agency explained.

The comet’s closest strategy to Earth was on July 22, at a distance of about 64 million miles.

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