Peruvian President Martin Viz Cara survives impeachment vote

Peruvian President Martin Viz Cara survives impeachment vote

Peruvian Lima-Peru President Martin Viz Cara survived the impeachment vote last Friday and ended a parliamentary battle that threatened to put the country into constitutional crisis due to a devastating epidemic.

The opposition’s initiative to impeach the president on charges of interfering with the judiciary was supported by 32 of Peru’s 130 lawmakers, far less than two-thirds of the 87 votes required for dismissal.

The vote, which ended a fierce week-long political battle between Vizcarra’s supporters and opponents, cleared the way for the president to end his term of office, ending in July, after which he retired and went against charges. He promised to defend himself in court of all wrongdoing.

But what was revealed at the impeachment hearing has made Peru’s political class even more distrustful seven months before the general election in one of the Latin American countries. The worst blow by the plague.

Opposition lawmaker Start of impeachment proceedings Last week after Mr. Viz Kara released a series of audio recordings that appear to be instructing his subordinates to lie to the prosecution about a minor influential scandal.

However, their efforts to bring him down within a few hours as military leaders expressed their support for former centrist vice president Viz Kara and influential opposition leaders came up against the initiative, arguing that the country needed stability. Danger.

“Peru can’t stop because of some audio recordings that don’t make sense,” Vizcarra said in a speech defending himself in Congress on Friday. “The pandemic management and economic revitalization cannot remain tense.”

Despite implementing rapid blockades and accumulating large financial reserves prior to the pandemic, Peru currently has the largest number of The number of deaths per capita from coronavirus worldwide. At one time, the region’s fastest growing economy is expected to decline 12% this year.

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Since Peru has a unary system, the vote on Friday was Congress’ final decision on impeachment. If lawmakers decide to dismiss him, it is unclear whether Vizkara will agree to resign, raising the likelihood of a constitutional crisis.

Vizcarra, once governor of a remote mountainous region, took office two years ago on behalf of former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, who resigned due to corruption scandals.

As President, Vizcarra has pledged to eradicate steadfast corruption and cleanse the country’s political system. These include former presidents and dozens of politicians, civil servants, judges and businessmen in recent years.

However, Vizcarra repeatedly clashed with hostile parliaments in attempts to reorganize Peru’s political system, calling for an improvised legislative election last year. That vote brought back a much more divided and quarreling Congress, and the president forced to rely on an unexpected tactical alliance with the left.

Vizcarra is the sixth consecutive Peruvian president accused of corruption. He cannot be officially investigated until the end of his term.

The impeachment crisis has allowed outside presidential candidates for the upcoming April presidential election to portray a traditional political class cut off from the critical problems facing Peruvians during an unprecedented health and economic crisis.

“I feel anger, frustration, and impotence,” former football star George Forsyth, who is currently divided into presidential candidates, said in a Twitter post after the impeachment process began. “These politicians are robbing us of fantasy and hope.”

The impeachment bid comes from local media reports that little-known pop singer and political advocate Richard Cisneros has secured a government contract worth about $50,000 to provide motivational classes for officials and other services. The singer held a concert in support of Mr. Viz Kara’s presidential ticket in the last general election in 2016, but denied that he was not eligible or was hired to reward political favors.

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In one of the leaked audio recordings, Viz Kara appears to have told government officials “we are all involved in the investigation” to cover up Mr. Cisneros’ visit to the presidential palace.

“We have to come up with a common front,” he said.

Vizcarra admitted that it was his voice in the recording, but said it was edited and showed no evidence of misconduct.

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