Pet Cloning: Man’s Best Friend, Again

Pet Cloning: Man's Best Friend, Again

What happens when saying goodbye hurts too much?

David and Alicia Sirhard adore their yellow lab Marley, but until that day in 2014 they had no idea how much they had been hiking with him in the mountains near his San Diego home.

“Alicia got off the track to grab a walking stick to get on the track,” David recalled. “Marley suddenly walked away from me, he started tapping the ground where Alicia was reaching for a walking stick and I had no idea what was going on. Alicia kind of stepped back.

“When I looked very closely, I saw that it was a commotion,” he told reporter Tracy Smith.

Radlers are common on these trails, which are very steep and miles away from any hospital. Sirharts has no cell phones with them. For Alicia, who was four months pregnant, the snake bite may have been a disaster. Fortunately, 12-year-old Marley scared the snake – a few months later, Shirhards’ first daughter, Maddie, was born. “Marley saved my family,” David said. “We were emotional at the time, and at that moment we realized how lucky we were that he had done it.”

But by then, Marley had been diagnosed with cancer, and by the end of Thanksgiving weekend, it was clear that the end was near.

“I remember the last time you told him, you know, you kept saying ‘thank you for being the best dog,'” Alicia said. “I was crying. I held his hand.”

“He, yes, everything he did, you know, was beyond love,” David said.

Their love for Marley was so strong that they could not really leave. So, turn to the Desherhearts page Viagen pets, Austin, Texas, a company that has cloned hundreds of pets for many grateful owners (according to Melin Rodriguez, Vigen’s client service manager) Barbara Streisand: “We did, yes – her dog is obsolete. I think she knew about what we were doing. We were able to get samples very quickly. In fact more than one puppy was born.”

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Marley, and his yellow laboratory clone, Gigi.

CBS News

Rodriguez said it works like this: Your animal takes a tissue sample from your pet and sends it to the vagina.

For an additional $ 50,000, the company will grow cells, make embryos, fit them into a rental, and provide a clone of your loved one.

But animal rights groups say forcing dogs and cats to lease for clones is simply inhumane.

Smith asked, “Did you know that human society says pet cloning is illegal?”

“I understand that,” Rodriguez replied. “They definitely deserve their opinion. We have a lot of customers who will be very upset if that happens. So, we continue to get positive feedback, wonderful tips of appreciation, something our customers are very happy with that we provide.”

The word operating on Sirharts is happy.

Marley’s clone, Gigi, yellow ball. But as far as David and Alicia are concerned, he is no less than Marley Reborn.

“They rang the doorbell with the dog and I kept my mouth open for five minutes because I could not believe how accurate he was,” Alicia said.

“He’s exactly Marley’s twins,” David said. “So, I think he’s in the same environment. So really, he’s become the same dog.”

While pet cloning is still controversial, with the right amount of love, science and money for at least some people, you never need to say goodbye.

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Story by John de Amelio. Author: Remington Gorber.

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