Petco Stops Selling’Shock’ Necklaces

Petco Stops Selling'Shock' Necklaces

Animal rights groups have long been harassing animals and opposed the use of leashes.

This move is part of Petco’s extensive corporate transformation to establish itself as a health and wellness brand. The company announced on Tuesday it would be rebranding as “Petco, The Health + Wellness Co.” in 2021.

Petco CEO Ron Coughlin told CNN Business in an interview, “The shock loop is not in line with our mission to improve lives.”

Carla, which accounted for about $10 million of Petco’s $4.4 billion in 2019 sales, offers electrical pulses of varying intensity and duration. It is used to suppress excessive behavior. It acts as a barking or invisible fence, preventing your pets from running away. Some trainers say that if used correctly, it can be a useful training tool without harming animals. Most e-collars also have shock-free signals like beeps or vibrations that act as stimuli for training.

However, Carla is likely to be abused and can cause considerable pain, Coughlin said.

He “sees a human shock collar problem,” he said, observing viral videos of people trying to order fast food or complete other tasks while receiving unexpected shock from the shock collar. “It’s funny, but it’s sad because the pet didn’t know what would happen and didn’t ask for it to happen.”

Petco, who says this decision was made voluntarily, has also initiated a petition to regulate and use necklaces only by certified training professionals.

This move comes two years after Petco became the first major pet retailer to sell dog and cat food with artificial ingredients and colors.

Instead, Petco will continue to sell other educational products to promote more human and positive reinforcement education. This includes its own offerings that are extended to online courses. During the pandemic.
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