PFF Standards and Snap Numbers: 49ers CB Agello Witherspoon has had his highest quality game since the 8th week of ’17

PFF Standards and Snap Numbers: 49ers CB  Agello Witherspoon has had his highest quality game since the 8th week of '17

The 49ers Allowed to reduce by 41 points Dallas Cowboys Team, but those points were not due to poor defensive performance. Special teams and San Francisco’s offense helped the Cowboys because they have done so much for most opponents this season. We will receive snap numbers and PFF standards starting Sunday.

Crime – 84 photos


Nick Mullens: 77
CJ Pittard: 7

Running back:

Kyle Jussick: 39
Jeff Wilson: 39
Rahim Mostard: 25
Jericho McKinnon: 14
Devin Coleman: 6

Wide receiver:

Brandon Ayuk: 80
Richie James: 54
Kendrick Born: 42
River Craft: 12

Tight end:

Rose Twelli46
Jordan Reid42
Daniel Helm21

Attack line:

Mike McClinchy84
Daniel Brunsil84
Lacan Tomlinson84
Justin School84
Trent Williams84

If your offense plays 84 photos, that’s a good thing, it means you move the ball and get a ton of points. In the final run C.J. The offense figures look better as Beethard throws 100 yards, but the ground game was working. 49 players carried the ball 36 times and averaged 4.2 yards per car. The third fall, turnover and penalties were as offensive as they had been all season.

Top-5 PFF standards

McLean – 83.0
Mostard – 80.9
Williams – 80.3
Tomlinson 79.1
Ayuk 74.5

For at least most of the game, it felt like the offensive line gave Mullens plenty of time to throw. In addition, there were running paths, and the line created forward movement. McLean allowed a job, Williams allowed a QB win, but I don’t understand why that line played so badly.

The first excuse-stumbling block is not in McLenzy, in my opinion. Edge tried to bend the Rusher edge, and the Mullens could easily have avoided the Rusher if he had gone one step further. So if it’s from the work we count, the quality of the mic should be higher. There was a play near the goal line where fans regretted McLenzie’s inability to “achieve” all three techniques, which was a complete break from him. It is not realistic for any lineman.

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Mostard is excellent, but has also shown that he is often injured. Thirty-five of Mostert’s 68 yards came after contact. He usually violates the angles of the defenders.

Ayu continues to excel. Five of his nine catches fell first. IU had a play where he broke two blocks. It’s funny to see that IU is so much stronger than most of us realize, or at least myself, that he constantly fights his tail to get extra yardage at every reception.

Five very low rated 49ers

Jussick – 58.7
Brunch – 52.2
Reed 52.1
Mullens 51.4
School 37.9

I remember Jussick missing two volumes in the running game. That’s the way it is in every game this season. Juice means a lot to crime, but he hasn’t played better this season.

For the other three, save Reid, they are at this point, and it feels like a waste of energy following beating a dead horse. “The player who had to play a new position for the first time in his life struggled with three practices under his belt.” It’s school, basically. He allowed four pressures and two QB wins. Dallas kept running the stunt towards the school, and he failed to pick up the looper.

Breaking: 49ers have QB problem.

Security – 58 photos

Defensive line:

Arik Armstead: 48
Kerry Haider: 47
Javon Kinla: 43
Jordan Willis: 27
DJ Jones: 25
Kevin Givens: 18
Kentavius ​​Street: 13
Diane Jordan: 12


Fred Warner: 58
Trey Greenlaw: 57
Aziz Al-Sher: 21

Defensive post:

Darvarius Moore: 57
Ahlo Witherspoon: 57
Richard Sherman: 57
K’Wan Williams: 37
Jimmy Ward: 29
Marcel Harris: 26
Emmanuel Mosley: 5
Hand lick: 1

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Football is a dangerous sport, and it was scary even for a small moment to watch Ward land on the field. Ward left the game with a concussion, and only then was the Cowboys passing attack a little more comfortable. Other than that, there aren’t many surprises based on who played.

Five highly rated defenders

Witherspoon – 86.9
Armstead – 79.5
Height – 74.1
Greenla – 73.5
Mosley – 71.6

He had to fight back against the way out of the Witherspoon bench and Shanahan’s dockhouse. This is Akello’s highest rated game since the 8th week of 2017. Since it dominated Witherspoon in early 2019, I don’t think it was his best, but Sunday showed that Witherspoon was a competitor.

Good for Mosley too. The duo combined to allow three receptions in nine innings for 22 yards and two pass breaks. Dallas also has three high-end recipients, which makes the performance of both cornerbacks even more interesting. They were all on stage in the game and you can hear from both of them where they put them.

Greenlaw had four stops, and Haider got a couple of stops. Armstead took care of two excuses and lived in the background of the Cowboys. He took pride with five hurdles, and added four stops. Arik was awesome on Sunday, and he rushed past the passerby. I asked him after the game if the 49 players knew they would win in T / E stunts, and Amstad confirmed that it was.

Five very low rated 49ers

Sherman – 51.1
Kinla – 46.6
Ward – 33.4
Gives – 31.6
Harris – 25.3

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There’s a reason Harris has been training with line-up players in recent weeks, and why is his in-depth coverage. Harris is not comfortable playing deep. He allowed two receptions for 57 yards and a touchdown, and missed an issue for good action.

Givens and Kinla must be of low quality to be washed in the running game. Again, Kinla’s 49.2 pass-rush quality does not help. I felt like Sherman was “out”. He missed a couple of costly issues and was allowed to finish both of his receptions, resulting in the first landing.

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