Pfizer cites COVID-19 vaccine flexibility amid concerns about UK strain

Pfizer cites COVID-19 vaccine flexibility amid concerns about UK strain

Amid concerns about where England are Corona virus While the mutation may have appeared, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the current trip would increase the chances of the virus being imported to the U.S. coast, while others wondered how the new strain would affect the recently approved one. Vaccines.

“Ongoing trips between the United Kingdom and the United States, and the greater spread of this variant among the current UK epidemics, increase the likelihood of imports,” the CDC said. Science abbreviated. “Considering a small fraction of the number of U.S. infections classified, the variant may already be undiagnosed in the United States.”

The CDC said that this variant was not identified by enrollment in the United States, adding that “out of 17 million U.S. cases, only about 51,000 viruses have been enlisted.”

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This fact is echoed with the recent comments of Jeremy Luban, a top virologist at the University of Massachusetts School of Medicine, when he told the Washington Post: [the mutated strain] May be well here. It may even have started here. The sequel is very rare in the United States. “

The federal health agency is said to be responsible for 60% of recent outbreaks in London, although strain predominance does not indicate a high epidemic.

“Scientists are working to better understand how easily this variant can spread and whether currently approved vaccines can protect people against it,” the CDC continued. “At this time, there is no evidence that this variant causes a more serious disease or increases mortality.”

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As scientists study this variation, the recently approved Pfizer-Bioendech vaccine continues in the UK, and on Monday Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that more than 500,000 drugs had been delivered.

Pfizer spokesman Fox News said the company, along with Bioentech, had selected the MRNA site for the now-approved vaccine because of the flexibility provided by the technology.

“This flexibility includes the ability to modify the RNA sequence in the vaccine, which will cover new strains of the virus, if someone occasionally emerges who is not well covered by the current vaccine,” reads an email statement. “Pfizer and Bioendech tested sera in people infected with PNT162b2 [COVID-19] A vaccine capable of neutralizing many mutant strains. “

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“To date, we have found a continuum of information on all the strains tested. Sera is now generating data on how well it can neutralize new strain from the UK from those infected with PND162b2.”

Although Moderna’s vaccine has not received urgent recognition in the UK, Moderna did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19 disease, receives a new mutation in its gene once every two weeks, and according to the CDC, many mutations are “silent” (no structural change in the encoded proteins). Other mutations can alter the components of proteins called amino acids, but this does not affect the function of the protein.

The mutation strain in the UK includes 14 mutations, among other changes.

Despite the word of another variation in South Africa, the CDC states that the aberrant strain “emerged completely independent of the strains of the UK and was not associated with it.”

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