Phillies’ attack is back with Jean Segura and Rhys Hoskins en fuego.

Attacks were provided by Rhys Hoskins, Jay Bruce and Jean Segura, and Spencer Howard took the Phillies to his first big league pitching victory Monday night with an 8-6 victory over the Washington Nationals at Citizens Bank Park.

The victory that won after losing to Atlanta on Sunday night was the Phillies’ sixth place in their last seven matches.

Phils play 30 games during the sprint season and are 15-15 years old. They are still on their way to reach Bryce Harper’s goal of 9 wins in 10 matches. He recorded that the team needed to reverse the situation after Pils lost five games in a row in Atlanta on August 22nd.

The Phillies are playing 3-0 against World Series Champion Nationals this season and three more this week.

Washington is 12-20.

Howard’s Night

The rookie right-hander did not show any adverse effects from the 11-day layoff. His first 4 outs were strikeouts. He scored 5 hits and 2 runs in 5 innings. The goal came when Howard gave a single to Trea Turner in the fifth inning and a home run to Juan Soto after scoring two shots in the match.

Romero shines

Rookie JoJo Romero did well with a 6-2 lead after Howard left. Romero has 4 outs and 2 strikeouts. After joining the club, he struck out 6 and walked 1 in 3 innings. He is confidently throwing the ball.

Phils have to leave their 28-man roster to sign David Phelps on Tuesday. It’s easy to pick Romero to clear the roster spot, but he’s throwing too well. Phillies may have to consider other solutions.

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Hunter on roll

Tommy Hunter won four critical outs, including three in eight, to protect the lead. Two of the eight runs were runners in the second and third.

In the last eight games, Hunter gave up only 1 goal in 9⅓ innings. He only walked one and struck out eight during that period.

It will have to be bent.

Hot bat

Hoskins and Segura have some slack when the Harper and JT Realmuto are slightly cool.

Hoskins scored a solo home run in the 1st and 2 points in the 7th. He hit home runs for three consecutive games and has played four of his last five games. He has scored eight RBIs in the last three games.

Segura has scored eight RBIs in the last six matches, with three points and doubles in the fourth.

Bruce came out of IL with a home run of 2 innings.

Power show

The Phillies hit 41 homers in August. It was the 14th in club history to hit 40 homers in a month.

The top 3 months of the Phillies’ home runs:

46 — September 2019

44 — June 2004

43 — August 2009

Bullpen remake

Most of the original cast has disappeared. Detailed observation.

Nevertheless …

Two new bullpen additions, Heath Hembree and Brandon Workman, merged to give up three home runs, bringing the match closer than expected.

Rich deal

They all Right here.


Aaron Nola (3-2, 3.00) pitches against Washington left-wing Patrick Corbin (2-2, 3.82) on Tuesday night.

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