Photographer Captures Eerie And Majestic Sky ‘Jellyfish’ Through a Storm

Photographer Captures Eerie And Majestic Sky 'Jellyfish' During a Storm

If you’ve ever looked up in the course of a thunderstorm and glimpsed a crimson jellyfish sitting high in the sky, you were not hallucinating.

These tentacle-like spurts of red lightning are referred to as sprites. They’re ultrafast bursts of electrical power that crackle by way of the higher regions of the atmosphere – in between 37 and 50 miles (60 and 80 kilometres) up in the sky – and go in the direction of space, in accordance to the European House Company.


The phenomenon is a exceptional sighting: It lasts just tenths of a 2nd and can be really hard to see from the ground considering that it is normally obscured by storm clouds. But Stephen Hummel, a dim-skies professional at the McDonald Observatory, captured a breathtaking image of a single of these sprites on July 2 (revealed previously mentioned) from a ridge on Mount Locke in Texas.

“Sprites ordinarily look to the eye as really short, dim, grey buildings. You require to be searching for them to spot them, and in many cases I am not certain I basically noticed 1 right until I check the digicam footage to verify,” Hummel informed Small business Insider.

On the night he snapped this picture, he’d recorded 4 1/2 several hours of footage prior to capturing the sprite on film.

“Overall I’ve possibly recorded near to 70 hours’ value of footage and stills this calendar year, and caught about 70 sprites,” he explained, introducing that 50 % of those were being in a one storm.

McDonald Observatory specialist captured the jellyfish sprite lightning. (Stephen Hummel)

Jellyfish sprites can be observed glimpsed from room

Davis Sentman, a professor of physics at the College of Alaska who died in 2011, proposed the title “sprite” for this type of temperature phenomenon. He mentioned the name was “well suited to describe their overall look”, since the term evokes the lightning’s fairy-like, fleeting mother nature.

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Some sprites, like the one Hummel photographed, are jellyfish-shaped. Many others are just vertical columns of pink light with tendrils snaking down: these are referred to as carrot sprites.


Jellyfish sprites can be enormous – the just one Hummel photographed was “possibly all over 30 miles extensive and 30 miles tall,” he mentioned. Some can be witnessed from much more than 300 miles (500 kilometres) absent.

They take place because when lightning strikes the floor, it tends to launch optimistic electrical power that wants to be well balanced out by equivalent and oppositely billed electrical power elsewhere in the sky. So sprites are the electrical discharges that harmony the equation.

“The a lot more impressive the storm and the additional lightning it produces, the more probable it is to create a sprite,” Hummel claimed.

Whilst identical to frequent lightning, which shoots among electrically charged air, clouds, and the floor, sprites materialize much farther from Earth’s surface area.

Astronauts sometimes spot them from the Worldwide Place Station.

Astronauts glimpse red lightning sprite from the International Space Station, August 2015. (NASA)Astronauts glimpse lightning sprite from the Worldwide Area Station, August 2015. (NASA)

As a sprite sparks, it turns red due to the fact of nitrogen floating higher in Earth’s ambiance. The gas gets excited by the burst of electric power and emits a red glow.

Considering that the sprites’ discovery in 1989, experts have spotted them above every single continent except Antarctica.

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Dave Mosher contributed reporting to this story.

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