Photographer, model arrested by Egyptian police following a photo shoot at an ancient site

Photographer, model arrested by Egyptian police following a photo shoot at an ancient site

A photographer and His Museum a Photo shoot At the Sahara Negropolis last week.

Photographer Hussein Mohammed and dancer and model Salma al-Shimi were reportedly arrested on Monday after local media called the shooting “provocative and offensive” and found Shimi posing in front of the Egyptian-inspired Josser’s Pyramid. Real, clothing.

The photographer and model held a photoshoot at the Pyramid on Monday in Sagara, according to Josser.

Prior to his arrest, Shimi, who had more than 81,000 followers on Instagram, initially wore a robe when entering the ancient archeological site, but Mohammed reportedly admitted that he removed it when it was time for the shooting. He said several employees saw him and Shimi during the photo shoot and once they both did not ask to be stopped. Middle Eastern eye.

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However, Shimi had told a lawyer that he was unaware that his actions violated any rules, arguing that he planned to use his photos to promote tourism instead.

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Shimi has removed brief photos from his personal photos Instagram account, Step Defender, They seem to have been re-posted since that time. A short video from the day of the shooting can still be seen on his Dictoc account.

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The two were released on bail on Tuesday as the results of the investigation are pending, the Middle East Eye reported.

Meanwhile, social media users in Egypt have had mixed reactions, with some advising the couple and others being surprised that, exactly, his actions differ significantly from those taken by fashion models or tourist photographers.

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Despite this, Mostaba Waziri, general secretary of Egypt’s Supreme Ancient Council, reiterated to an Egyptian news agency that anyone who “insults” the sites would face consequences.

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