PicAsSo Advent Calendar: The third door may finally open

PicAsSo Advent Calendar: The third door may finally open

So far we have simulated a candle in our Advent calendar and sparked Christmas carols, last week we sent pictures to our little show and played a slide show. This Advent Sunday will include an external EEPROM memory chip and a diode.

It is possible to store multiple images at once with extra memory. Storage capacity of 24C512 type EEPROM with I2The C-interface is 512 kBits or 64 kBytes. It can be plugged directly into the portfolio through DIP8 Housing. I2C address 0xA0. Then we add a font and set the font size we want.

Round map for the Third Advent

EEPROM (IC1) pins are connected to I via SDA and SCL2C-bus connected. Supply voltage – for all other circuit areas – 5 volts. The WP pin is connected to the GND, making text access possible. The address pins A0 to A2 are connected to the GND, thus i2C address 0xA0 Size.

The VCC pin is connected to the 5V via diode D1: this little trick ensures that the supply voltage for the Ebrometer is a diode forward voltage of less than 5 volts because it can detect a high level in the SDA and SCL 0.7 Minimum voltage * VCC. It is 3.5 volts with a supply voltage of 5 volts. Otherwise, a high level is not reliably detected because we changed the integrated pull-up resistors in the OLED module to 3.3 volts last week.

Breadboard sketch with nano-ox board, electronic components and dark OLED display.

Breadboard sketch for the Third Advent

Four small doors instead of 24: We are creating a glowing and sound program to join four Advent Sundays through Nano-Ox-Board.

The EEPROM is inserted into the sockets from E23 (IC Pin 1) to E26 (IC Pin 4) and F23 (IC Pin 8) to F26 (IC Pin 5) in the middle on the right side, thus towards the apex nano-axis-board of the IC. In the Fritzing sketch, eight wires in Ebrom, diode and white (SDA), yellow (SCL) and blue (GND) are included in the Ebrom.

Breadboard with nano-ax board, electronic components and dark OLED display.

3rd Sunday at Advent Fred Board Construction

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