PicAsSo Advent Calendar: We will be busy with the second Advent

PicAsSo Advent Calendar: We will be busy with the second Advent

Let’s continue: In this Sunday’s Advent, an OLED module will be added to our Fred board structure. This is an i.2C interface that can connect to Picox with little hardware effort. If the controls are cleverly designed on the software page, Picox requires relatively few resources, and you get a smaller and cheaper display option. You can also create a font for the output of texts in the firmware.

Rear OLED: I2C address 0x78

The OLED integrated controller features the SSD1306. Its resolution is 128 × 64 pixels. A 3.3 volt voltage regulator is already dissolved (U2 on the back of the circuit board) so the volume can be supplied with 5 volts. Linked to GNT Pin1 and VCC Pin2. This should definitely be checked before installation as there are modules with twisted distribution pins. I was on the back of the board2C address 0 × 78 (or changed 0 × 3 C) preset.

Round map for our project.

Only a small amount of circuit is required to control the OLED. Data line STA with Pixar 14M22The pin C4 has C-interfaces (on the nano-axis it is labeled B3) and the clock line SCL is on B.3 (on the nano-axis it is labeled B2). The OLED already has 4k7 pull-up resistors, which prevent excessive voltage from damaging the module. However, these switch against 3.3 volts, not against 5 volts. The HIGH level is not high enough to reliably detect a logical one for a Pixar powered by 5 volts. However, there is an option to enable System Management Bus (SMBus) mode in the firmware. SMBus was developed for energy storage communications and enables Picox to connect with I.2C pins detect highs from 2.1 volts – so pull resistors against 3.3 volts are perfectly adequate.

Four Small Doors Instead of 24: We are creating a glowing and sound program to join four Advent Sundays through Nano-Ox-Ford.

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Fritzing sketch for connectors.

The OLED has already been disassembled by the manufacturer with a 4-pin header so that it fits directly on the bread board. We connect it with four wires in white (STA), yellow (SCL), red (+ 5V) and blue (GNT).

Fred Board Assembly concluded 2nd Sunday in Advent

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