Pigeon Simulator has been announced for PC with this year’s release

Imagem de: Pigeon Simulator é anunciado para PC com lançamento para este ano

Publisher tinyBuild And developer Haqjak Studios today announced a somewhat unusual title Pigeon simulator. According to both companies, this game is a sandbox simulator of Rockville physics, which is enough to grab anyone’s attention.

The official announcement talks about how you can enjoy the freedom of a bird without satisfying anyone and caring about anything in the world. You can do whatever you want, and when you want to, above all, you will be an innocent pigeon. This includes taking people’s food or even stealing a battle tank to destroy the city.

Well, you can say that these are all actions of a regular pigeon, but that is the purpose of the game. Because his pigeon personality is not as common as he appears, in fact, he comes from a large lineage of pigeons with extraordinary powers.

You can activate and enhance these forces as you balance. What you do with these forces is entirely yours whether you want to do good to other creatures or conquer the world. It’s so much fun, don’t you think?

Haqjak Studios even said one idea that instead of following a common initial access release, we would like to work with fans to get open game development. This means that they will want to hear feedback and suggestions from people who play the first versions of the game.

Game will be released only PC Also has an official page on Steam, but can’t buy it now. It is only known that it will be available later this year, and details will be released soon. If you are interested, we recommend watching the trailer above, which shows what we can expect from such a weird game.

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