Pinterest limits search results for culturally inappropriate Halloween ideas

Pinterest limits search results for culturally inappropriate Halloween ideas

Social media platform Pinterest announced on Thursday that it would limit its recommendations for Halloween costumes that could be considered culturally insensitive.

Photo sharing company Make a statement on the website Announce the move and “Shows ads with culturally inappropriate clothing and allows Pinners to report culturally insensitivity content right from Pins. ”

The platform also said that with specific searches, including “Death Day Costumes”, it will guide users to “a way to celebrate politely and respectfully” with information developed by experts and the Pinterest staff group PIndigenous.

In a statement, Pinterest said in a statement, “Costume is consistently the most searched term, but many people may not know that certain costumes are exclusive to other cultures.” As a platform for positivity, we easily come up with culturally relevant Halloween ideas. I want to be able to find it and to recognize that a costume shouldn’t be an opportunity to transform a person’s identity into a stereotyped image.”

In the announcement, Pinterest highlighted policy changes that have been implemented in recent years to prevent insensitive content and misinformation on the platform. In 2018, Pinterest announced it would stop running political ads, and in 2020 it launched an information search engine for COVID-19.

August, The company added the first black member. Two former black employees filed for racial discrimination to the board. Women claimed to have experienced unfair wages, racism and retaliation.

Earlier that month, Francoise Brougher, former Chief Operating Officer of Pinterest, sued the company for gender bias and unfair dismissal.

Pinterest employees started digital boycotts at work. Speaking in a statement, “Even if you don’t intend, all forms of discrimination and retaliation on Pinterest should stop.”

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