PIP on YouTube website works again on iOS 14.

PIP on YouTube website works again on iOS 14.

The YouTube website now supports iOS 14’s PIP mode once again. Mysteriously disappeared last month. You can expand the video to play it in full screen, then tap the little PIP icon in the upper left corner of the interface to activate it in both Safari and third-party browsers like Chrome or Firefox. You can then minimize the browser and use other apps while continuing to watch the video. If you want the video to not obscure the display and just listen to music, you can also slide the PiP window aside.

OS level PIP support New in iOS 14But soon after, work on the YouTube website for iPhone users stopped. Naturally, it continued to work for users who subscribe to YouTube Premium. iPad users can also use it.

PIP now works in the browser, but not in the YouTube app itself. MacRumors memo This feature is not supported. Play video in background to be Through the YouTube app, but YouTube Premium Subscription. 9to5Mac report The service recently tested the PIP mode on the iOS app, but there was no official announcement.

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