Pitton’s claim that he will not discuss the Hunter case with AT Big shows requires special counsel: Sen. Kennedy

Pitton's claim that he will not discuss the Hunter case with AT Big shows requires special counsel: Sen.  Kennedy

Sen. elected President. John Kennedy, R.-Law Joe BidenHe said he would not discuss the investigation into his son with his attorney general’s selection, which is why a special consultation was needed on the matter.

Press Secretary of the incoming White House Jen Saki saidFox News Sunday“Biden will have an independent judiciary, for which he will not argue Son Hunter Biden By his choice to run it.

“When I heard that, I thought to myself, whoever wrote for him did it after their morning beer,” Kennedy said.Newsroom of America. “” Mr. Biden thought about talking to his candidate, but decided against it, which is why we need a special consultation. “

Biden has announced several of his cabinet candidates, but has not yet indicated his preference for the attorney general.

Attorney General Peter Hunter will not discuss Biden study with common candidates: PSAK

Biden is He said he was “confident” His son, who is under federal investigation for his tax affairs and foreign business dealings, made no mistake. Republicans are calling for the Judiciary to appoint a special adviser, fearing that Biden will remove the U.S. attorney in Delaware who is overseeing his son’s case when he enters the White House. It is customary to remove all current U.S. attorneys when new presidents take office.

Kennedy said it was not clear if Biden was involved if anything went wrong, but a specialist adviser would help determine the matter.

“President Obama has made Mr Biden responsible for the foreign affairs of the two countries … Ukraine and China,” he said. “In both cases, his son left with deals worth millions and millions and millions of dollars. I’m not saying it’s illegal, but given the impression that he can buy America’s foreign policy.”

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Kennedy also discussed the Corona virus relief bill, which was approved by congressional leaders over the weekend $ 900 billion package “Real help” should be provided, but should have arrived sooner. If this goes as expected, it will only be the second relief package from Washington since the outbreak, the first since March.

The first Democrats launch the B900B Govt Relief Package

“I don’t want to say anything to upset anyone at the last minute, but you have to be careful with the older ones because there are so many of us in Congress,” Kennedy said. “They don’t want to be old in the first place, so they get some kind of touch. These talks were very touching. We had to be patient, but today I think we’ve going to get a good result. Money for small business. It’s more money for the American people. Gives. “

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The relief offers $ 600 in payments to those earning up to 000 75,000 in 2019, and to those paying up to 000 to 99,000. It also provides incentives for small businesses affected by the epidemic, extended unemployment benefits and tax breaks for companies that withdraw money from the payroll protection program.

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