Planned blackout, helicopter rescue attempt fails as California wildfire continues

Planned blackout, helicopter rescue attempt fails as California wildfire continues

New wildfires devastated boneless California during the harsh Labor Day weekend. More than 200 dramatic karate Trapped in flames, the state’s largest utility ended up shutting down power to 172,000 customers, preventing power lines and other equipment from causing more fires.

Efforts to rescue dozens of people evacuating from the same fire that triggered the previous rescue Monday night have failed.

The Fresno Fire Department tweeted that a military helicopter attempted to remove people trapped in a violent creek fire in central California, but failed to land. “The military pilots bravely attempted to land, but heavy smoke conditions hindered safe access. Another effort will soon be made to evacuate those trapped in Edison Lake and China Peak using night vision goggles.” Tweeted.

Later, KCBS Radio reported that it did not disclose:

California has traditionally been heading for wildfire season’s teeth, but it has already set a record of burning 2 million acres this year. Previous records were set just two years ago and included the deadliest wildfires in the state’s history. The campfire that swept the Paradise community Killed 85 people.

The fire started on the Pacific Gas & Electric power line. Billions of dollars in bills and other fire responsibilities have led utility companies to demand bankruptcy protection. To protect against new wildfires and new responsibilities, PG&E launched a preemptive power cut last year in a very dangerous situation.

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This is the situation in Northern California, and strong and dry winds are expected by Wednesday. PG&E was criticized for handling a planned outage last year. This utility has learned from past problems and this year it will reduce the size and length of the event and make it smarter for customers.

Two of the three largest fires in state history are burning in the San Francisco Bay Area. More than 14,000 firefighters are fighting these fires, and about 24 other firefighters are fighting all over California.

Fire risk is also high in Southern California, where new fires are occurring in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties. The U.S. Forest Service decided on Monday to shut down all eight national forests in the area and shut down campgrounds across the state.

“The wildfire situation across California is dangerous and needs to be taken seriously.” Randy Moore, regional forestry officer for the Southwest Pacific region of the Forest Service, including California, said. “Existing fires show extreme fire behavior, new fires are likely to start, weather conditions are deteriorating, and there are not enough resources to fully extinguish all fires.”

California’s Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention spokesman Lynn Tol Masov said, “It’s no wonder that the vegetation has dried up and hit a record of burnt areas in September and October being the worst months of the fire because of strong winds. “I said. More common.

The two massive Bay Area fires were mostly suppressed after being burned for three weeks, but firefighters struggled to collect a few other major fires ahead of the expected winds. The largest fire sweeping the Sierra National Forest, the creek fire, expanded evacuation orders to more mountainous areas on Monday.

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California Wildfire
Fire trucks drive along Highway 168 while fighting Creekfire in the Shaver Lake community in Fresno County, California in September. 7 July 2020.

Noah Burger / AP

It was one of the many major fires in recent years that have been moving terribly fast. The fire traveled 15 miles a day over the weekend and burned 56 square miles. Since starting Friday for an unknown cause. Burned 212 square miles.

Firefighters working on steep terrain saved the small town of Shaver Lake from the flames roaring down the hills heading for the marina. About 30 homes were destroyed in a remote village in Big Creek, Toby Waite residents said.

“About half of the private homes in the village were burned,” he said. “The word cannot describe the destruction of this community.”

Schools, churches, libraries, historic general stores, and a major hydroelectric power plant have been preserved in a community of about 200 inhabitants, Wait told Fresno Bee.

The sheriff’s representative came from door to door to make sure residents were following the eviction order. Officials hoped to prevent the fire from pushing westward towards Yosemite National Park.

On Saturday, National Guard rescuers aboard two military helicopters safely airlifted 214 people from a fire trapped in a forested camp near the Mammoth Pool Reservoir in a creek fire. 2 were seriously injured and hospitalized out of 12.

In Southern California, crew members scrambled to ignite several life-threatening fires at blazing temperatures, including the fire that shut down the mountain roads in the Angeles National Forest and forcibly evacuated the historic Mount Wilson Observatory. Late Monday night, the Los Angeles County Fire Department told residents of Duarte, Bradbury and Monrovia near the forest to prepare for evacuation.

Cal Fire says a fire called the El Dorado Fire in San Bernardino County started Saturday morning and was caused by smoke outbreaks. Fireworks devices used by couples to reveal their baby’s gender. In eastern San Diego County, at least 10 structures were destroyed in a fire that burned 16 square miles and sparked evacuation near remote alpine communities in the Cleveland National Forest.

California has witnessed 900 wildfires since August 15, many of which began with thousands of intense lightning strikes in mid-August. Eight fire deaths and more than 3,300 structures were destroyed.

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