PlayStation 5: “Scolper” snatches thousands of PS5 consoles through a loop – it’s behind

PlayStation 5: "Scolper" snatches thousands of PS5 consoles through a loop - it's behind

Many Sony fans want to protect the PlayStation 5 (PS5). But the gaming dream often explodes. One reason for this is the vicious fraud perpetrated by the “scalpers” and their bots. What is behind this?

  • The new one appeared on November 19th PlayStation 5 (PS5) In most countries – but within minutes many online stores were empty.
  • Not many fans could Gaming-console From Sony Cling.
  • There is a terrible fraud from the sellers behind this Bots I want to make big money. One team was particularly brave.

Offenbach – The time has finally come on November 19th. New PlayStation 5 Should appear. But then many game console fans were shocked. In a few minutes it was PS5 Sold almost everywhere. It was like pre-orders in September: in the end, many fans saw the tube. But that is not the only imbalance between supply Sony And mass demand Gaming-fans The cause of grief. The so-calledScholar“And yours Bots Played their worst game with the fans.

PS5: Getting a PlayStation 5 fan is almost impossible – it’s behind

Because during production PlayStation 5 In Sony Because Corona Continuing, “Scholar“It simply came to our notice then PS5-fans Especially in the bold way, which is difficult. They are sellers and then try to buy as many products as possible to resell them – of course a huge extra charge, often several hundred percent. But where can Scholars buy multiple gaming consoles? Gaming-fans Can you try tirelessly to get PlayStation?

PlayStation 5 sells out in minutes. The reason for this is the so-called “Scholars”.

© Charlie Tripley / AFP

To do this, distributors use a particularly clever method. They don’t buy empty stores, they go out Bots Get to work. It is a computer program that automatically repeats its assigned tasks. Using the example of the PlayStation 5, the bots are heavily queued, automatically excluding standby times, and automatically fill in the payment and delivery data and their shopping carts PS5 Complete. In this race between man and machine, many are not surprised Gaming-fans Got short straw.

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Name der Gaming-Console PlayStation 5 (PS5)
Generation 9. Console generation
Manufacturer Sony
Release 19. November 2020
Price 499 euros (with drive), 399 euros (without driver)

PlayStation 5 (PS5): Scholars use run-on Sony gaming consoles for their maneuvers

How severe are the consequences Scholar And yours Bots On offer PS5 An example of a group of scholars from Great Britain can be found here. Here, the run on the PlayStation 5 was great. Not surprising, because Apple & Co. That’s when new devices are released every year Sony And so far only once or twice a decade. Like a news page “Business Insider“Now a group is British Scholburn knapp 3.500 PlayStation 5 Game Consoles Caught.

PlayStation 5 (PS5): Vendors use bots to capture large numbers of Sony gaming consoles

They too pursue only one goal, viz PS5 Resale with as much profit as possible. The news magazine also found out how the group continued. The group behind this mass purchase PlayStation 5 Stand, consisting of twelve key members. You did not come on the PS5 SonyBut they focus on a variety of products and expect high profits from it. Other participants may pay an entry fee of $ 40 to $ 30,530 to access services such as purchasing a PS5.

So the team was able to get almost 2500 Gaming-console Buy and receive 1000 on launch day PS5 Secured by pre-order. So this team Scholburn Now a huge number PlayStation 5 consoles Has more stock than most distributors. When to see Sony Production continues and fans who have been unlucky so far can finally play new games and games on the PS5. (Sophia Lothar)

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Title List Image: © Charlie Tripley / AFP

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