Pleading and warning of one of the world’s smallest nations amidst the US and China quarrel at the UN

One of the world’s smallest states has appealed for detention as China and the United States fought at the United Nations over COVID-19 and climate issues this week.

File photo: Chinese and American flags fluttering near the Bund in Shanghai, China on July 30, 2019. Reuters / Ally Song / File Photo

“Micronesia calls on our American and Chinese friends to strengthen cooperation and friendship with each other to achieve the best for our global community,” said David Panuello, Federal President of Micronesia in a video speech at the United Nations General Assembly.

Micronesia (population about 113,000 people) and the surrounding Pacific islands have been trapped in a diplomatic tug of war between the world’s largest economies as China exerted US influence and China’s influence in Washington’s backyard considered area after World War II. .

In a Friday speech to a pre-recorded meeting of world leaders due to the epidemic, Panuelo admitted that the competition is good for some people in the Pacific.

However, he warned that these efforts could potentially break long-standing alliances within our Pacific community and adversely affect our collective desire for local solidarity, security and stability.

The US-China confrontation is currently taking place in the UN, which is a member of 195 members, and Beijing has strengthened its multilateral influence while challenging the traditional US leadership. Tensions between the two superpowers have reached the boiling point of the world’s bodies due to the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Micronesia’s claim stood out at this week’s annual meeting of world leaders at the United Nations. This is because most countries have called for unity to fight COVID-19, but other comments about the conflict between the US and China are generally oblique.

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Richard Gowan, UN director of the International Crisis Group, said he wants most of its leaders to stay out of tension.

“Many UN member states believe that the US is destructive and that China is hungry for power. They don’t think it’s very attractive,” he said. “Ambitious Europeans like (French President Emmanuel) Mark Long are willing to challenge Beijing and Washington to see opportunities to bridge the leadership gap.”


Mark Long said the General Assembly after US President Donald Trump demanded that China be held accountable for China’s “unearthing” the world for COVID-19, and China accused him of being a “lie” and abused the UN platform to trigger a confrontation. Spoke at [nL5N2GJ4P2]

Mark Long said, “The world of today cannot go down to a simple competition between China and the United States, regardless of the history that unites us, regardless of the global weight of these two powers.”

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres also warned that the world is heading in a dangerous direction: “The two largest economies can afford the future of dividing the world into large paragraphs with their own trade and fiscal rules and Internet and artificial intelligence capabilities. There is not. ”

In the Pacific region, China is building stronger economic ties with small island nations, and is pulling the country out of a long-term alliance with Taiwan, overtaking Kiribati and the Solomon Islands last year.

China regards Taiwan as a territory of its own without any rights to interstate relations. Four of Taiwan’s remaining 15 diplomatic allies are in the Pacific Ocean, including Palau, Nauru, Tuvalu and Marshall Islands. All four states have spoken in support of Taiwan in leaders’ speeches to the United Nations.

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Although the land is small, the Pacific states control highly strategic waters, forming the border between America and Asia. As seas warm and sea levels rise, they are also at the forefront of the global climate crisis.

“It is my hope that the United States and the People’s Republic of China jointly advocate a global cause for global solidarity and cooperation, from climate change to COVID-19,” said Panuelo.

Report by Michelle Nichols; Edited by Mary Milliken and Sandra Maler

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