PM bids farewell to 2021 as “best days” for Christmas, centered on Govt-19

PM bids farewell to 2021 as "best days" for Christmas, centered on Govt-19

In his Christmas message this Thursday, Prime Minister Ulysses Correa e Silva reinforced the recommendations for the festive season, recalling the need to maintain Cape Verdean’s physical distance.

The head of government recalls the fact that the archipelago is still fighting against COVID-19, recognizing the “difficult situation” and preventing everyone from celebrating “with parties, hugs and kisses” and fraternity.

“It simply came to our notice then. It was a year of great challenges and privatizations for all of us. It was a difficult year for our diaspora communities, ”he stressed, adding that despite this, the spirit of brotherhood, solidarity and solidarity that characterizes the Christmas season has not been restrained.

In equilibrium, since 2016, the government has been “tested” with the first three consecutive “severe droughts” impacts on production, employment and income in the rural world.

“We mobilized resources and implemented a mitigation program to help farmers, animal breeders and families,” he recalled, adding that the effects of the worst global economic crisis recorded since the outbreak of COVID 19 in 2020 and the Great Recession were set to be a “test of evidence” for government actors.

Even with the epidemic, he pointed out in his Christmas message, the government mobilized resources and implemented programs to protect health, employment, income and companies, thus protecting Cape Verdeans in the most difficult moment of their lives and lives.

No good man can deny, underestimate or underestimate the health, economic and social implications of the Govt-19 epidemic. They are serious about public finances and the country’s economy and have a serious and rapid impact on employment, companies and the income of the people, ”he assured.

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Ulysses Korea e Silva said he was aware of the difficulties many families face, so he outlined that for their safety, a set of additional measures aimed at poor families has been approved.

Some of the policies adopted by the head of state, Palacio da Versia, pointed to the expansion of community enrollment incomes, the expansion of housing rehabilitation, the forgiveness of debts to allow the reconnection of water and electricity, and the exemption from managing health bills. These families.

He said the administrator continues to protect companies and jobs through simplified layoffs, restrictions, credit lines and specific measures for sectors such as transportation, restaurants, accommodation and cultural production.

He added that in a year when everyone was “tested”, the Cape Verdean executive was “not interested in leaving anyone out” because, according to him, “governance is for everyone, with transparency of rules and criteria and knowing the difficulties of a country like Cape Verde”.

He assured that the government has reason to believe in “better days” for 2021.

For the people of Cape Verdean, the national vaccination program has been approved, which could be launched in the first quarter of 2021, making it universal, free and optional.

“After four years of emergencies caused by the drought and the epidemic of COVID-19, Cape Verdeans deserves to be different and better in the years to come,” he stressed, “signifying hope in a new cycle of success, achievement and prosperity for all.”

The Prime Minister concluded by saying that with a “spirit of hope”, “the best of times are approaching”, he wished “peace, health and prosperity” to all.

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