Pokemon Go Dev will solve the mega evolution problem.

Pokemon Go Dev will solve the mega evolution problem.

Mega evolution Arrived on Pokemon Go recently, but many players have not been completely satisfied with the implementation so far. For Mega Evolve a Pokemon, you must first collect that monster’s Mega Energy. However, this is usually locked behind. Mega Raid Battle, Makes it difficult for many players to collect the required amount. Developer Niantic acknowledges these concerns and is committed to addressing them.

Posts on Pokemon Subreddit Silfrod, Niantic wrote that the studio is closely monitoring player feedback on Mega Evolutions and is looking for an easier way to access the features. In particular, the rep has heard “big and clear” that the studio wants an additional way for players to harvest mega energy outside of the raid, and the current requirements feel too steep and worthless.

“[P]Reese knows we’re in the early stages, but it may take some time before we see the changes implemented in-game, but we’re discussing how we can fix these issues. “We have some changes. We already have a pipeline, but we don’t have a set schedule yet.”

Niantic didn’t go into detail on how to tweak Mega Evolutions, but the studio asks players to continue to share their feedback. Mega Energy can usually only be obtained through Mega Raid, but this month Mega september event We offer limited-time research assignments that give players another way to harvest resources by rewarding mega energy.

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To make it easier to participate in Mega Raid, Niantic Affordable Remote Raid Pass Bundle This month in Pokemon Go’s in-game store. Meanwhile, in the studio Countless other events Lined up for the game over the next few weeks, including the new Victini Special Research line and Go Battle Night. This month, a handful of legendary Pokémon such as Cresselia and Articuno are returning for a limited time in a five-star raid.

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