Pokemon Unite: A game allegedly leaked on YouTube

Pokemon Unite: A game allegedly leaked on YouTube

Monsters’ MOBA game Pokemon Unite is currently in beta testing in China. However, this test is closed, and information leakage is strictly prohibited. Despite this, many leaks since yesterday (some true, others false) have brought a lot of new information about the game. Will bring one of them Possible skins Customize your Pokemon.

But the last novelty will be a sports game video, which was uploaded today and showed a complete game departure. Watch the video when it is available:

Analysis of the “supposed game” of the Pokemon Unit

There is no official confirmation yet as to whether this video is a fake from Nintendo, Camfreak, Pokemon Company or game developer Timi Studios. However, many of the elements found in it resemble previous announcements for the MOBA by map or game demonstrations.

In addition, by using idiograms, one can identify whether the game actually comes from China, especially from a mobile device (Android or iOS). While you may not be 100% sure that the video is real, the chances are very high.

Some elements shown in the video

Among some of the interesting elements in the post are the loading screen and the game’s main menu, which show a clean and interactive platform.

Main Game Screen (Playback / Dong Palm)
Pokemon Unite loading screen displays the already announced 10 Pokemon characters (left to right, top to bottom: Absol, Lucario, Cardioire, Charisart, Slobro, Snorlock, Machamp, Venoser)
Loading screen (playback / dong palm)

This is in practice in the game game where the game has already been announced, where players must buy poke balls against NPCs and other players and pass each checkpoint.

The film, which shows a Charmelian acting, attacks the Cambyses and a Vespikeen group
This picture is set on one of the game’s maps, where you can clearly see the action line of one of Charmillion’s skills (Reproduction / Tong Palm)
Pictured with Machambu wearing Hawaiian necklace
Machamp Leather (Playback / Dong Palm)
Picture showing hat and scarf garrison
Accused skin (reproduction / dong palm)

In the video, there is no complete demonstration of the map, but for a substantial part of the game, it is shown that there are no sound effects. It will probably change, but it’s interesting to note. It is also important to note the time when the game shows the availability of the occasional (possibly daily) challenge screen and other game modes.

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Menu with many Pokemon Unite game modes
This picture shows several game modes. However, the game only shows one of them (playback / dong palm)
Here are the various challenges that can be met. But there is no information on how to finish them or their duration (Reproduction / Tong Palm)

Additional information about Pokemon Unite

The game is available for Switch, Android and iOS, but no date has been announced yet. Its announcement was made in July last year, and to date the only country that has received beta testing is China, the game’s developer country. In addition, there is no notice of trial period in any other country.

Many expect this game to be released this year, but that too has not been verified. Wait for everything we can do.

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