Polish government should remain calm to discuss controversial abortion ruling

Polish government should remain calm to discuss controversial abortion ruling

The widespread anger among women and others ended one of the few legal grounds for abortion in a firm Roman Catholic country with a very conservative government, with a ruling banning dismissal for fetal defects on October 22 .

Although mainly focused on the right to abortion, the protests quickly turned into eruptions of anger against nationalist law and justice (PiS) governments, church alliances, and traditionalist policies. On Tuesday, two protesters took off their clothes in front of the presidential palace.

The government publications department originally said that the court’s ruling would be enforced by November 2, but since it has not yet been published in the official gazette, the legal effect has not come into force.

Government spokesman Fiotr Müller said in a press conference that “in accordance with the regulations, the Constitutional Court’s ruling must be announced in a timely manner.”

“But now we all need peace and debate about this judgment, quieting the public mood and debating between experts.”

PiS ally President Andrzej Duda has tried to ease the protests by proposing legislation to restore the right to abortion due to fetal abnormalities, although limited to “fatal” defects.

Opposition politicians have questioned whether the PiS will be able to collect enough votes to pass the amendment after Congress postponed its scheduled seat on Wednesday for two weeks.

“… they don’t have an idea of ​​how to fix the situation in Poland. They don’t have a majority (in favor of the bill) in the parliament. They’re afraid to answer the question.” Reporters, Vice Chairman of Opposition Malgorzata Kidawa-Blonska Said to

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PiS lawmaker and congress vice-chairman Ryszard Terlecki rejected the suggestion that the government was short of a majority on the matter, saying the smoke was linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Polish Federation for Women and Family Planning said on Tuesday that it has stepped up efforts by women to attempt legal abortions in recent days before the court ruling came into effect.

He said he knew of 61 cases of abortions conducted in hospitals less than two weeks after the Constitutional Court decision. This is an incidence rate well above the 1,100 recorded in 2019.

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