Pope calls: “Read the gospel every day”

Pope calls: "Read the gospel every day"

“We always carry a small gospel in your pocket, in your wallet, so that you can read at least three or four verses during the day,” is Pope Francis’ Sunday call to the Word of God.

Jane Nokara – Vatican News

After Angeles, Pope Francis recalled this Sunday being dedicated to the Word of God. Francisco said:

Rediscovering the Scriptures at all levels in the life of the Church is one of the greatest gifts of our time. Never before has the Bible been accessible to everyone: now in all languages, in audiovisual and digital formats.

St. Jerome, 16th century, which I recently celebrated, says that he who ignores Scripture ignores Christ (cf. In Isaiam Prol.). In contrast, Jesus Christ, the Word created the flesh, rose from the dead, and opens our minds to understand the Scriptures (Psalm 24:45). This is especially true in worship, but when we pray alone or in groups, especially with the gospel and psalms.

I thank and encourage the constant commitment of the Church to train people in hearing the Word of God. May we never lose the joy that sowed the good news! I say to myself over and over again: Get in the habit, always carry a little gospel in your pocket, in your wallet, so that during the day, you can read at least three or four verses. The gospel is always with us“.

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