Portugal can facilitate closer ties between Europe and the United States

Portugal can facilitate closer ties between Europe and the United States

THE expert, vice chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), has warned that the new United States administration, with the presidency of Joe Biden, will take months to put new foreign policy strategies and initiatives into practice, given that the confirmations of the members of the cabinet of the new president and the swearing-in of all those who will be part of the administration are still missing.

James Lindsay, who was speaking at a press conference, however, said Portugal could advance US-European Union (EU) cooperation in the first half of this year by facilitating debates and conversations about the most important challenges that arise, so that new strategies are current and go through common priorities.

“Portugal can be important in facilitating what we know is going to happen: many transatlantic conversations about what we share in common, what we see as common challenges and opportunities and also in adult conversations. on issues on which we do not agree, ”said the author of several books, in response to a question from Lusa.

In the opinion of the expert, director of the CFR studies program, it will be at the height of the summer that new initiatives between the United States and the European Union may appear, at the same time as Portugal will leave presidency of the European Council, “but unforeseen events can change a lot of things”.

“In Europe, there is a significant degree of diversity on a large number of issues, there is also diversity [em refletir] the extent to which Biden can deliver on his promises; and the extent to which Europe will want to accept Biden’s offers, ”he added.

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“Portugal’s role in this post is to facilitate conversations in a productive way that takes us forward in cooperation,” concluded James Lindsay, adding that he greatly appreciates Portugal.

A former professor of political science at the University of Iowa, Lindsay warned that President Joe Biden’s international strategies were still unclear and it took time for the whole team to be complete.

“During campaigns, visions of what can be done are painted. The art of governing is to focus on the details and to tie that view of the world that was expected with the particular challenges it faces,” said the expert.

James Lindsay added that opinion polls show that a large part of the population of the United States believes that their children will inherit a “less prosperous” country and that the country is not on the right track. so that the president’s main priority in 2021 will be domestic politics.

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