Portugal is one of the most sought after destinations by the British after the announcement of the deflation

Portugal is one of the most sought after destinations by the British after the announcement of the deflation

Portugal has been one of the most beloved tourist destinations by the British in the last hours since the government announced it Get out of the current prison In the UK, flights with the United Kingdom have been banned due to Covit-19.

Air carriers EasyJet and Jet2.com both reported a 600% increase in demand for holiday packages in countries such as Spain, Portugal and Greece, although Prime Minister Boris Johnson has not set a date to leave. To go abroad without proper justification.

The published plan states that the ban on travel abroad and restrictions on entry into the UK will remain in place until at least May 17, but Johnson expects to receive a report with measures allowing the resumption of air traffic by April 12.

One way the Govt-19 vaccine could be an internationally recognized system of passports, the UK wants to make progress during the G7 presidency this year, although the British Prime Minister acknowledges that the idea raises “complex” ethical issues.

There are deep and complex issues that we need to explore, ethical questions about what is the role of government in demanding that everyone have something or people are forbidden to do so. ”, Agreed today.

Under the plan, the government acknowledges that it is trying to “introduce a system that would allow vaccinated persons to travel more freely internationally,” but states that “any such system will take time to implement” and that it depends on efficacy studies.

In addition to banning holidays or traveling overseas for no apparent reason, 33 countries, including Portugal, are without direct flights to the United Kingdom because of the increased risk of transmitting the virus-causing virus variant, especially those found in Brazil and the south of Africa.

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There are several restrictions on international travel, including three trials and mandatory ten-day isolation, which must be carried out at a hotel designated by the authorities and paid for by those arriving from 33 “red list” countries.

With schools reopening on March 8 and ending on June 21 with almost all restrictions in place, the deconfinition program for the UK has four levels at least five weeks apart and is subject to a number of factors.

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