Possible Black Shark 4 Pro Listed on Google Play Console with 12 Play RAM

Possible Black Shark 4 Pro Listed on Google Play Console with 12 Play RAM

It could be Black Shark 4, and as we wait for its official release date, a new Black Shark phone model number, PRS-A0, and “Benrose” have appeared on the Google Play console.

To the smartphone Black shark The name “Kaiser” was found with the sample number KSR-A0Google Turn on the consoleLast week a Screen Full HD and 8GB RAM. It could beBlack Shark4, A new phone while we wait for its official release date Black shark Appeared Google Play ConsoleModel number PRS-A0 and with the name “Penrose”.

PRS-A0, it is said Black Shark 4 Pro, Listed on the Google Play console with Android 11, 12GB RAM and a full HD + screen. The chipset mentioned here is the SM8250 Qualcomm Snapdragon 865. But this may be a mistake Black Shark4, Which should probably be fitted with one Snapdragon 888, Listed with Snapdragon 835 No Google Play console.

Black Shark PRS-A0 must be Black Shark 4 Pro

List Google Play Console It also features an image of the PRS-A0, which reveals that the smartphone is aligned in the center of a selfie camera. We can also see the buttons on the left and right sides of the phone. The one on the left may be the volume button and the one on the right may be the trigger button Games.
Black Shark 4 Official Announcement

It is not clear whether PRS-A0 actually exists Black Shark 4 Pro, Unlike it has a full HD + screenBlack Shark 3 ProIt came with a QHD + panel.

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Details about PRS-A0 are scarce, but KSR-A0, as we know it Black Shark4Comes with a 6.67-inch screen,Drums 4,500 mAh and charges 120 W. We hope to have more information on both models in the coming days.

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