Powderfinger Reveals New Music In 10 Years With’Day By Day’: Streaming Now

Powderfinger Prep Album of Unreleased Material for 20th Anniversary of ‘Odyssey Number Five’

No, it’s not a comeback. But Powder finger New music comes out.

Friday (September 18), exactly two weeks after the 20th Anniversary Deluxe re-release of the Monster album Odyssey number five, Australian rockers dropped a new track “Day By Day” for the first time in 10 years.

“Day By Day” was originally the chart’s #1 5th album, cut in 2003 during the 301 Sydney session. Eagle street.

Vocalist Bernard Fanning said, “Until I opened the archive, I was looking for tracks that weren’t complete and that hadn’t been released yet.”

“We definitely didn’t even mix it roughly because we decided at the time that it didn’t fit well with the rest of the album,” he continues. “If I look back now, I’m not sure why. And I was amazed that we didn’t find a place for it on the record.”

When the band rediscovered it, they tapped producer Nick Didia to shape it.

“Like any other song Eagle streetPanning added, “It deals with the essence of a temporary life and is a call to live and be in that moment.”

The end result is a dark blues rock number with breeze harmonies with the addition of the keyboard, an inconspicuous instrument, to The’Finger”s best-known work.

“Day By Day” is the first single on an unreleased album over 10 years of Powderfinger’s career.

The five works, called A Day in 2010, made the rare distinction that they were ranked #1 in ARIA for five consecutive years and #3 all-time among ARIA Awards winners with 18 pointed trophies. It doesn’t matter whether you’ll be on the ARIA Hall of Fame.

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Now, 10 years later, Powderfinger has generally been active this year. The classic lineup of Fanning (vocalist), Ian Haug (guitar), Darren Middleton (guitar), John Collins (bass) and Jon Coghill (drums) reactivated the band’s social account and reunited in May. Lonely night A virtual concert that raised more than A$500,000 For charity.

Special edition earlier this week OD5 Beating only the All-Star and returning to the top 2 nationwide Home front music Triple album release.

Stream “Day By Day” below.

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