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[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for Big Brother 22.]

Before the 6th Family Congress Big brother 22, The guests competed for three forces. Dani Donatabriones Became the next HOH, and as her goal saved herself, one power gave up her nomination. The close relationship with almost everyone in the house made her wave with the replacement candidate.

Depending on what happens to the rest of the week due to the remaining power, Dani can go from comfortable to worst in the house.

Julie Chen Moonves at Big Brother’s Live Eviction Show #8 | Robert boets

Three guests gained power in the basement of BB.

During the first 3 weeks Big Brother 22: All Star, Returning guests had the opportunity to save themselves and others by winning the Safety Suite competition.

After that, they faced off in the BB Underground Twist, competing in total darkness for three unique powers. David Alexander won the Disruptor Power, which saved everyone, including himself, from the initial nomination.

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Dani Donato Briones described her as “garbage” and insisted on Replay Power to choose outgoing household owners to compete in the next HOH competition.

Christmas Abbott owns Blocker, which prevents her or someone of her choice from becoming candidates after Veto.

David Alexander used his Disruptor Power.

Hanging on the infamous wall for almost two hours, Dani became the next HOH. Almost in line with the whole house, she nominated only two loyal guests, Kevin Campbell and David Alexander.

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Although BB21 The first boots cried and pretended to be angry, but hours later saved themselves on their own. Not wanting to chase Da’Vonne Rogers or Ian Terry, HOH Dani nominated Tyler Crispen’s ally.

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To confuse the house, David lied about it and claimed that someone else left the house to himself as part of a larger plan. Several other guests were annoyed by David for doing something stupid. Memphis Garrett insisted that he wanted to “integrate” the truth. BB21 Returnee.

Cody Calafiore and Tyler later accused him of the death of his ex-wife and her friend, with killer OJ Simpson, who did not confess. While multiple alliances continue to debate, David won the first race only against his allies Kevin and Da’Vonne.

The power of David Alexander shook the house.

Committee members, including Christmas Abbott and Memphis, did not understand why Dani nominated an alliance instead of an outlier. They also believe HOH will still have it for Tyler, as she promised not to target each other until the Final Six just hours before nominating him.

Then Da’Vonne gets the power of their first rival Veto and wants to save Kevin. But she knows it will put Dani, who Da’Vonne thinks as an ally, into a tough situation because it will force HOH to nominate a fourth person.

Also, Dani doesn’t know who to appoint because he’s afraid that his colleagues will turn himself on if he chooses another committee member. She doesn’t aim for Enzo Palumbo or Ian.

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If Da’Vonne uses POV, Dani nominates a pawn and sends Tyler to the Jury House. There are situations when HOH has chosen Christmas as a pawn shop, but she uses her blocking ability to force Dani to nominate a fifth person.

In that case BB8 The runner-up will go with Enzo. Then Dani will have multiple guests targeting her, so she will have to use her Replay powers to play in the next HOH competition.

Big Brother 22: All Star It airs on CBS at 8pm on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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