Practice through redesign of the new Google Smart Display UI [Video]

Practice through redesign of the new Google Smart Display UI [Video]

The fight to control smart home technology has been fierce for years, but it’s getting even hotter as Google rolls out a redesign of the classic smart display UI. This may change the way you interact with Nest Hub and Nest. Hub Max or other smart display hardware.

We took a glimpse of the redesign thanks to some hands-on leaks, but this was just a glimpse, but Google confirmed the release of a new UI to users in the preview program with version The new update actually introduces some neat new tricks that are hidden or at least fine-tuned in the original Nest Hub.

What’s new?

As soon as you update, you can use a new tour that guides you through the new UI, but here are a few highlights of the smart display redesign:

Video — Hands-on: Nest Hub and Smart Display Redesign

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Your day

Rather than being able to use arbitrary items and toggles by touch or using voice controls, the new smart display redesign is updated in real time. “My day”Provides home view. That means it’s morphed and updated to provide you with relevant information and news articles, toggles and quick actions for 24 hours.

As your feed improves over time, you can learn more about your usage.

Tab view

The new tabbed view creates a true separation of anything on your Nest Hub or smart display, with key features like current weather conditions, notable smart home toggles. “At a glance”With rounded square bubbles floating with information “basic”Use the home view. And more.

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  • Home control

    So the basic “home”There is a view, but above it is a series of tabs with categories for new account-specific controls. There is a dedicated’Home Control’ tab that allows you to quickly switch items such as lights, TV, thermostat, and more.

    It also shows all smart displays connected in one easy-to-access panel. For managing what each device is currently doing “genuine”Think of it as a herb. It can save you time if you want to use touch control over voice control to manage your smart home technology.

    Another notable thing is the overview and room-specific controls available. If you want to manage your connected smart home technology room by room, this might be easier.

  • media

    Much of the smart display and Nest Hub UI redesign is media-focused. It always include It’s not a focused or polished part of the Google Assistant-enabled display. There is some intersection between the’Media’ section and the recent Google TV redesign for Android TV section.

    You’ll get recommendations from services like Netflix, YouTube, and other connected streaming services. Referrals are taken from the watch history of platforms like YouTube, where you can view your favorite channels’ subscriptions and recent uploads. It is also much more integrated with YouTube TV to make the live channel more visible and accessible in this view if the service is available in your area.

    Oddly enough, Google regards Google News as a media source in the same vein as YouTube Music, YouTube, and Netflix in this section. I think it’s technically correct. The best way is.

  • communicate

    It’s a really impressive new section that once again reintroduces the’hub’ element of smart displays and Nest Hub hardware, giving you a quick transition to all of the direct communication services available on your device.

    The new Family Contact option is linked to contacts linked to your account, allowing you to create quick access tabs or icons within your home/home, such as brothers, sisters, parents, children, spouses, and more. When set up, tapping will instantly call that person.

    You can even broadcast a message to any smart display in your home, along with a quick access toggle to initiate a Google Meet video call, a Google Duo video call, or an audio call.

  • Discover

    You can think of this as a hybrid of the Google Discover feeds you see on your Android device, but there are a few more personalized recommendations that are great for home technology. Recipe recommendations or ideas, quick turnarounds for creating lists and checklists, smart display and Nest Hub redesign include nice hints for other features.

    It provides hints of searches, information, and abilities that you may not have used or known about before.

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New animation

I can’t talk about the smart display and Nest Hub UI redesign, nor can I comment on updates and improved animations. The previous animation was smooth, but Google added a bit of character and’bounce’ to swipes and taps in the public preview build.

Dark mode

Smart Display Redesign-Dirk Mode

Finally, there is a dark mode or dark theme for the Nest Hub and Smart Display, with the latest UI redesign and available within settings or can be switched during the initial setup process. It can be applied in the same way as on a smartphone with the option to automatically revert between the standard light mode and the new dark mode depending on the time of day and room lighting. Make your smart display much better like a bedroom alarm clock.

How do I redesign the smart display on the Nest Hub?

You’ll need to subscribe to the preview program to get the updated interface and added features on your own Nest Hub hardware. Open the Google Home application and find the device you want to update to> Settings> Program preview> Join preview program.

Now you can start the update by cycling your device a few times and the update will be available on your Nest Hub or compatible smart display within a few hours.

More info on Google:

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