Prague chose the best European destination

Prague chose the best European destination

Won the difference of Prague European best destination 2021 (best European target), nearly 110 thousand votes, 31 thousand more than the runner-up (Rome), announced this Wednesday.

Prague received 109,902 votes from Internet users, “confirming itself as a great destination and a specialty in international tourism”, the Chamber emphasizes, recalling that in 2019, it was considered the second best European destination in 201.

The mayor, Ricardo Rio, considers the referendum to be “the crown jewel of the Prague brand’s international commitment to unquestionable work.”

The mayor exemplifies the support of many Portuguese people around the world for this candidacy, in addition to the city’s commitment to companies and those from Prague. Of the total votes cast in Prague, 72% represent participants outside the national border.

“This is an outcome that will add pride to us, and it will certainly have a very positive impact on tourism and the local, regional and national economy over the next few years,” Ricardo Rio emphasized, quoting in a statement that “everyone who contributed decisively to make this decision possible” and the Portuguese President Marcelo Rebello de Sousa acknowledged a word of support, in addition to Rita Marx, Secretary of State for Tourism, the Regional Tourism Authority of Porto and the Portuguese and Porto and Northern Tourism Association (ATP) of Portugal, in addition to several municipalities, organizations and citizens.

In this version, Prague was a favorite destination for travelers from England and Brazil And one of the best choices for travelers from the United States and France. Each year the organization receives one from the Vatican, which was also deposited in Minho’s candidacy this year. The organization highlighted the mobilization potential promoted by Prague, uniting the entire country around his candidacy.

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“From now on, Prague will be one of the most popular publications in the world of tourism, which will transform the city into a growing destination for millions of travelers,” says Ricardo Rio.

Of the 20 places to vote, the top 15 appear on the ‘Europe’s Best Destination’ website, where thousands of travelers can use this information to choose their destinations. With over 5.5 million visitors, this page is the most visited in terms of tourism in Europe.

In this edition, 15 most famous cities are: Prague, Portugal (109,902 votes); Rome, Italy (78,124); Kawdot, Croatia (50,025); Florence, Italy (46,484); CPU, Romania (45,699); Paris, France (39,584); Kefalonia, Greece (36,551); Cotter, Montenegro (32,481); Soka Valley, Slovenia (30,088); Canary Islands, Spain (26,432); Dubingen, Germany (25,586); Dortogne, France (24,427); Tahiti, French Polynesia (22,356); Capri, Italy (18,420) and Agent, Belgium (16,503).

As in 2019, Prague is the only national target recommended for this distinction in 2021.

Created in 2009, it is an organization based in Brussels that promotes culture and tourism in Europe and, since 2010, has distinguished the most modern and attractive cities to visit in the EU. It is considered to be the largest e-tourism event in Europe.

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