Prince Charles made a’aggressive’ remark about Diana Rain after his death.

Prince Charles made a'aggressive' remark about Diana Rain after his death.

Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, made “aggressive” remarks to her brother about her ex-wife Diana B. after his death in 1997, the new book claimed.

Historian Robert Lacey said “Brother’s battle: “The Inside Story of a Family in Tumult” Charles spoke to Diana’s brother Charles, the ninth Count of Spencer, as a former son-in-law struggling over preparation for the funeral. Apparently, Spencer was against his nephew who walked through the public funeral procession behind his mother’s coffin.

“There was no doubt that Prince Charles had to walk a long path with his two sons aside,” Lacey wrote in an excerpt. People earned “But Uncle Charles Spencer disagreed. He was already upset on behalf of his family that his sister’s funeral was kidnapped at a royal event, especially against the idea that his younger nephews should walk the best part of a mile behind his mother’s coffin through the streets. ”

“Spencer was convinced that Diana would have been frightened by the idea that her sons had to endure those ordeals,” Lacey added. “He had already told Charles a lot.” One debate between them ended with the Count calling his brother-in-law after Charles made a particularly aggressive remark against Diana.

Eventually, William and Harry began a long procession with their father Spencer and grandfather Prince Philip. The service opened on September 6, 1997, six days after his death in a car accident in Paris.

Prince Charles and Diana married in 1981, separated in 1992, and ended their divorce in 1996.

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