Prince William News: Duke’s Coronavirus Case Has Been Known to the Royal Family, Insiders Say | Royal | news

Prince William News: Duke's Coronavirus Case Has Been Known to the Royal Family, Insiders Say |  Royal |  news

This week, it was reported that the Duke of Cambridge contracted COVID-19 in April, shortly after his father, Prince Charles. Sources said that the royal family “was hit very hard by the virus-it really knocked him at six.”

Duke is said to have kept his positive events a secret from the public “because he didn’t want to worry about people.”

However, William did not hide his positive test results from the royal family.

One royal source told Vanity Fair that Duke’s case was “not a secret among the family.”

They also seemed to challenge the claims made by Sun’s informants, claiming that Duke “really coped with the virus pretty well” and wasn’t lying in bed.

In fact, I think William overcame most illnesses and continued to make dozens of calls.

Sources added that the queen was worried about her son and grandson getting COVID-19.

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Prince Charles became the first royal family to suffer from COVID-19 in late March.

The 71-year-old said “I forgot very lightly” a few months later.

Around the same time, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was also hospitalized after being infected with the virus.

Meanwhile, news of William’s case of coronavirus raised doubts as to why the royal family did not publicly announce it.

A Kensington Palace source said the fact that the prime minister was hospitalized was one of the reasons the news was hidden.

They told The Telegraph: “People were scared. People were already worried enough if we didn’t add it.”

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Despite the alleged coronavirus case, Prince William attracted attention several times during the month of April when Britain fell into a state lockdown.

On April 16, Duke congratulated the project on a video call with staff at the newly opened NHS Nightingale Hospital in Birmingham.

William said: “The building you stand in is another example of how people across the country have dealt with this unprecedented challenge.

“Nightingale Hospital will certainly go down as a landmark in NHS history.”

Later that month, he starred alongside comedian Stephen Fry in Comic Relief’s Blackadder-themed television sketch.

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