Princess Cruises announces round-the-world cruise in 2023 from Australia – Publituris

Princess Cruises announces round-the-world cruise in 2023 from Australia - Publituris

Princess Cruises will promote, in 2023, a round-the-world cruise with departure and arrival in Australia, for a journey of 108 days, aboard the ship Coral Princess, which will cover 44 destinations in 26 countries and five continents.

According to a statement from the cruise line, which is represented by Mundomar Cruises in Portugal, this will be the 13th round the world route by Princess Cruises and will depart from three Australian ports, in particular Auckland, on May 31, 2023; Sidney, June 4; and Brisbane, June 6.

The route covers a total of 32,500 nautical miles across the Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Panama Canal and Pacific Ocean, and crosses the Arctic Circle as well as the ‘equator twice.

Along the way, passengers will have access to more than 20 UNESCO World Heritage sites and enjoy more time in some destinations, as there are plans to stay overnight in Barcelona, ​​Tahiti and Quebec, as well as Dubai. , New York and Lima.

In addition to the 108 day trip, Princess Cruises also offers shorter itineraries on the round the world trip, such as the 50 and 73 night versions, departing from Dover, Brisbane, Sydney and Auckland, with a 21 night option at the departure from Dover to New York.

In addition to cruising around the world, Princess Cruises also presented its program for Australia and New Zealand for the 2022/2023 season, which will have four ships in service, with a total of 121 departures and 76 routes, d ‘a period of between two and 36. days.

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According to the company, routes to Australia and New Zealand in 2022/2023 include stops at 68 destinations in 14 countries in the South Pacific region, with departures from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth (Fremantle), Adelaide and Auckland.

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