Project winter on the way to Xbox and store consoles

Project winter on the way to Xbox and store consoles

Given the freezing temperatures of the last few days, this seems to have been done for a purpose. Project Winter, the other ocean interactive co-op game (or not) has already arrived on the Xbox One.

But there are still surprises. Come and meet them.

Project Winter is a multiplayer game that Canadian studios interact with other oceans, making it very popular from an early age. Of those multiplayer games, this one, with its social dynamics and both trust and betrayal, has been the most successful, both collaborative and selfish. All this in the midst of a desperate struggle for survival ...

The announcement, now released, indicates that the game, first released in 2019 for PC, will soon reach millions of players via the Xbox consoles (allowing cross-game), the Windows 10 Store and GamePass.

The player is part of a group of 8 characters trapped in the middle of a terrible snow and ice storm. With no way to communicate outside, the 8 characters are in an emergency and are fighting for their own survival.

It is necessary to work as a team to keep the flame of the hope of salvation burning and to complete many challenges, which can arrange a radio to call a rescue vehicle. However, there is something about the planned winter that does not apply to all of these. There is a traitor who will do everything he can to save anyone.

As the climate of doubt and paranoia increases, the project winter takes on a larger dimension.

Project Winter is a very innovative game that forces players to work as a team to survive“, Referee Ryan Hale Da interacts with other oceans. “Individuals listen to their cries for help in the vacuum when players face problems and run away from danger.“.

Survivors will have to face all the challenges that cold, snow and wild animals bring, so they will have to deal with cheating, sabotage and killing traitors in their selfish attempts to escape.

Like PC players that include chat, emotion and voice channels, Xbox players who are ready to join the game will have full access to the game.

Project Winter is now available on Steam, which will arrive on January 26 on the Xbox consoles and Windows 10 Store. At that time it was also available for download on the Xbox Game Pass.

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