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Telegram novidades WhatsApp melhorias mensagens

News services are at the speed of many changes. On the one hand WhatsApp fires and loses users, naturally the telegram and signal continue to grow.

Telegram has adapted to offer new users the features they used to have. The news is getting faster and there are more improvements now. After importing the messages, there are many more improvements

The way Telegram responded to WhatsApp's problems was interesting. He knows how to modify and get new users with many new features. The idea is to make a transparent change that will not cause any harm to users.

Improvements have emerged and the most recent are receiving a particular focus. We talked about the possibility of importing conversations directly from WhatsApp and other news services on Telegram. Therefore, migration is more simple and direct.

Of course, there are more messages, and you can start with the ability to move spaces and saved messages. These do not take up extra space on the smartphone, thus freeing it up to other files. Since everything is stored in the cloud, you can retrieve them later.

Deleting messages, calls and files is also improved for users. These can now be removed from the user's smartphone or from all team members. Because the telegram does not hold records, they will disappear for good.

There are also improvements on calls and multimedia player. These are instantly visible and improve usability. As for Android, Telegram also guarantees new animations that will become more fluid and enjoyable.

Importing these new features and especially messages is already available in the latest version of Telegram. Update and use everything created immediately to further improve this messaging service.

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