Prussia Mall Theft King: Parking Thieves Steal K 18K from High Holiday Shoppers

Prussia Mall Theft King: Parking Thieves Steal K 18K from High Holiday Shoppers
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania (WPVI) – Two robbers bought more than 000 18,000 items from the parking lot of the King of Prussia Mall last month, police said.

While parking thieves are nothing new, those of this size raise the question of high-level robbery if there is adequate security.

Philips said he and his girlfriend had just finished some high-end shopping when the incident happened.

“We have Louis Vuitton, David German jewelry retailers, Hermes,” Phillips said.

The couple, packed with holiday gifts, left the King of Prussia Mall when Nordstrom exited, unloading their belongings in the back seat of their SUV.

Phillips said they went back to the mall to catch a bite to eat, and within 20 minutes, he got a call from his office.

“Are you in the mall?” I said, ‘Yeah, I’m here now.’ They say, ‘It’s good to be back in your car. Someone got in your car and stole everything. ‘

Two witnesses told police he pulled Phillips’ SUV with a bat or sledgehammer, smashed his rear window and took it away as a robber.

“In about a minute or so, they’re gone,” Phillips said.

Witnesses said the thieves had closed their license plate.

What makes Phillips even more complicated is that the mall surveillance cameras did not catch the culprit, not even the one above his vehicle.

“They said it was pointing towards the elevator coming out from the lower level because there were problems there, but there were no cameras in the main parking area there,” Phillips said.

A view of the parking lot shows four surveillance cameras. We wanted to know how someone did not catch the crime.

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Simon Group, which owns the mall, had no idea when the News News pressed for answers to the investigation, and whether the mall had adequate surveillance to this day and age.

Upper Marion police said it was unclear if the perpetrators chased Phillips and his girlfriend from the KOP Mall or saw them in the parking lot.

Investigators said they had no clue.

“The vehicle was parked in an area where there were no large surveillance shots,” Lt. Jeffrey Moorer said. “But we are trying to step back to see where our victims came from in the mall.”

Philips said he has been working with his credit card companies to get a refund for some of his luxury items.

“It’s a lot of money. Unfortunately, I did not really hear anything from the mall. I did not hear anything from the police,” Phillips said.

Upper Marion police said they would patrol during the holidays, but people should do their part and be vigilant about their surroundings.

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