PS 5. Sony is surprised to get a refund for those who bought the monitor

PS 5. Sony is surprised to get a refund for those who bought the monitor

After revealing the PS Plus offers, Sony surprised many lucky players who were already able to buy the PlayStation 5 and decided to invest in the new Game Monitor.

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Although included in the PS Plus offerings, this is one of the January surprises as a special offer for the PS5. Since then, reports have surfaced that players who purchase the game are getting a full refund in their PlayStation Store wallet.

According to user Braheil on Reddit, Sony sent a message saying it would refund the money. Apparently, the company justifies itself by saying that access to the offer and losing their money is not fair.

Not all players have yet to confirm how long it will take to get a refund, but it looks like the process could be extended to a few weeks.

In addition, Sony has decided not to remove the game from the players’ library, even though the January PS Plus offers are only available on the 5th.

January PS Plus offers are compatible with PS5

Announced on December 31st, there are a total of 4 games on the PlayStation Plus January offerings, all of which are compatible with the new PS5.

For all players who have actively subscribed to this service, they can download 4 interesting topics for free:

  • Shadow of the Tomb Rider
  • The fall of greed
  • The dawn of fear
  • Monitor

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