PS Plus Collection: Play Without PS5 – PS4 Trick Leads to Sony’s Spelling

PS Plus Collection: Play Without PS5 - PS4 Trick Leads to Sony's Spelling

The PS5 collection of the PS5 was intended for the new PlayStation only. You can run them on PS4 with one trick. But from now on Sony may ban you.

  • Subscribers PS Plus Collection Many can do monthly Games Download for free (all PS Plus News)
  • Got well Fans A clever TrickShe is she Games Further PS4 Has received.
  • Sony did not like it and is now engaged in a revenge campaign.

Tokyo, Japan – With the release PS5 On November 19, German buyers can now also get the latest Sony console In offers PS Plus Collection Access. This and that PS5 Equipped, you can now 20 games The PS4 Download Tamil. Topics like that here God of War, Until dawn And Unmarked4 And some more. By a Trick Even now it has arrived Fans Without PS5 For games PS4. We will show you how it works, but also what effects it can have. Because Sony ‘S loop Fans In the meantime it becomes an embarrassment.

Name of service PS Plus (PlayStation Plus)
Monthly fees 8.99 Rs
Providers Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)
Consoles PS4 (PlayStation 4), PS5 (PlayStation 5)
Benefits 2 months free games, access to PS4/5 online multiplayer, exclusive discounts on PlayStation Store, 100GB online storage
Active members 45 million users

PS Plus Collection: Players will find a clever trick – but Sony develops SportSport

Sony Not fun – with something simple Trick You can do it PS5 Aimed at free games PS Plus Collection Further PS4 Play. For that you have to go PS5 Your PS4-account Logged in and desired Games On top of that B.S. Drag it to your game library. You can use it conveniently PS4 Download BSN-account Attached to. Before you blindly try this Trick You need to be aware of the potential consequences. Because Sony Goes hard against Trick In front.

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According to the latest information, you should not use the trick if you want to PS Plus-account Dear. It can confirm that yours PlayStation-account Full two months or more Blocked Is. Because even a permanent one Prohibition Not excluded in bad condition. Sony Will take action properly, but without yet announcing an official statement. The exact reason for that is the same Sentence Still uncertain. Is coming Lock By sharing a Accounts The result is multiple login attempts at various consoles or restrictions Sony Users regularly Tricks Path?

PS Plus Collection: Players will find a clever trick – but Sony develops SportSport

© Sony / PlayStation / Pixie (montage)

The Trick Considered in unimaginable proportions. Some PS Plus Collection-Subscriber Provided by Account For example on eBay online Using backwards compatible PS4 games on the PS5* How* Reported. This one can do Lock of Accounts Be the result. If you are unlucky, pay several euros for free on your own Account blocked To get it, it is not yet clear how Sony Plans to continue to tackle the problem. German Accounts Apparently not yet affected. There was one recently TrickHow to open a game for 30 cents with PS Plus on PS5.

PS Plus Collection: Trick can lead to account blocking – this is proof

That warning or message Fans Many are locked up for trickery Twitter-accounts Sprouted from. According to the attached tweet, there are thousands BSN-Accounts In Hong Kong Prohibited. A big blow to everyone who scored Trick Sought. Ironically, during the Christmas season, it provides many people with vacation time and ample time to gamble Sony The role of the Grinch.

Even if the lock is still open Accounts Out Hong Kong Anxiety and caution are needed in this country as well. Not so careful Amazon In personal cases in new cases Sony console Is handled. A parcel delivery man stole a coveted PS5 from a child. We are still waiting for the official report Such About the current situation and whether the closures could not be removed at all. * is part of the iPhone-Digital Network.

RubrickListenbuild: © Sony / PlayStation / Pixie (montage)

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