PS Plus, PS Now members frustrated with duplicate PS4 games

PS Plus, PS Now members frustrated with duplicate PS4 games

For the past six or more months we have been taking the mood change when it comes to announcements of PlayStation 4 games included in the PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions. Basically, if the thought process records both of you, you will start to lose as Sony continues to offer the same topics every time. A great PS4 game may already be part of the PSN Now, but if it is confirmed with the addition of a free PS Plus, subscribers to both will get nothing. Each service pulls access to its titles the moment you cancel your subscription, so no one can guarantee game time if your membership is reduced. How many times does this conflict actually occur? We looked at the data for the last six months to implement things.

Of the 16 PS4 games offered by PS Plus since June 2020, five of them were already part of PS Now. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Street Fighter V, Vampyr, Middle-Earth: Shadow War, and Hallow Night. Friday the 13th: Going in the opposite direction: After already free PS Plus games for the past six months, the game and Force has become part of the PlayStation Now. This is less than a third of what is already considered for PlayStation Plus games on PS Now.

In our opinion, it is not Even Worse. Sony is in a bad position where it is not possible for everyone to subscribe to its services, so one or two is unfortunate enough to find recurring titles in the offerings. However, the PS4 may have already started complaining due to the position of the game members. In September, PUBG and Street Fighter V copied themselves. The vampire followed a month later, followed by Hollow Night and Middle-Earth: Shadow Battle for subscribers last month. Therefore, P.S. Now and B.S. Plus there was a three-month period when members were given the same titles. Thankfully, the streak was broken by the December line.

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So, can you say that there is a problem here? At one point, of course. PS4 games were provided to members of both services, who could already access them for three months in a row, which was not the case. If they were extended for a long time, the complaints would not be so loud. Still, Sony has to offer fewer copies better. Are you frustrated with this situation? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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