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Purity Academy is completely free of martial arts classes and performance training from the break on Monday (4), taught by renowned experts in the field. Opened on August 13, 2020, the Economic Secretariat’s program is designed to promote physical activity and to monitor the mental health of Central District staff during epidemics.

In collaboration with the Economic Secretariat’s Executive Secretariat for Assessment and Quality of Life (Secretariat), Academia offers classes in Puritan Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Personal and Operational Security, all broadcast by the Economic Channel Web light.

The creator of the project, Andre Clemente, secretary of the economy, attends weekly classes to celebrate the results of 2020. “Academia Purity is one of the projects we have developed throughout this year focusing on improving the quality of life of the server. Personal development. Martial arts is a strategy, it’s intelligence, it’s a practice to revive you, ”he believes.

The aim is to continue to help the employee and his or her family to give up a sedentary lifestyle and exercise and gain physical awareness. But the benefits go further: Measures also help combat stress and anxiety disorders. “We believe that this initiative has already had a positive impact, as it has a high mood for records and advanced practices of advanced spirits,” analyzes Adriana Faria, president of Sequali.

For example, this is the case with 50-year-old Paulo Cadenhead, who has been a federal district education officer since 1997. Before becoming a teacher, he was already a student at the Academy Puritan from being a martial arts coach. He takes Andre and Dada’s classes daily, follows recorded videos and reconciles with their delivery schedules.

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“Classes help maintain a balance of body and mind in this moment of great distress. I belong to the risk group and live with the elderly. Thanks to Academy Puritan, I’m not depressed, ”he says.

Purity Academy won supporters even during the first term of government. Erica Philippelli, the woman’s secretary, was the project ‘s partner from the beginning Academy Virtual Banner Selection, And changed from the white belt in Taekwondo to yellow. He is passionate about the sport and emphasizes the need for public administration to have a vision and lessons in martial arts. “I feel challenged in all classes, and I am very satisfied and happy because, in these epidemics, there is a real interest,” he celebrates.

Famous team

In Boyle, professionals with an international curriculum ensured the success of the initiative. This is the position of Grandmaster Andre de Oliveira, who commands taekwondo training, and is one of the founders of the Puritan Academy. 8th Don Black Belt is a 45 year experienced master, instructor, examiner and international arbitrator. He is a five-time Brazilian champion, has competed in three World Championships, coached the Brazilian Taekwondo team and was president of the Colorado State Taekwondo Federation (USA).

“The main challenge was to rediscover this new virtual platform and learn to trust it, not only on the technical side, but also on the importance of martial arts as a way of looking for quality of life, especially during epidemics,” he said. “Bringing martial arts creates a new perspective in everyone’s life. Having a healthy server, both physically, mentally, and spiritually, contributes to professional growth and health, and improves productivity,” he believes.

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Kiko Santoro is the black belt in Jiu-Jitsu who won absolute titles in Brasilia. He holds key positions in the national and international rankings and is a world champion in Brazil, South America and the sport. Among the most recent topics, Grand Slam Abu Dhabi – Rio de Janeiro stage. “I am proud to be a part of this project because I have the opportunity to participate in life, to better change a person’s history, to contribute to health and knowledge, to improve quality of life, to improve concentration, to increase self – esteem, and to increase staffing,” Sandoro believes.

Master Herbert Dada Inokalla leads the defensive classes. In 1976, he founded the Academy Maca-Isa in Brasilia, where he teaches Arniscoli, Tai Chi Suan, Sikung and Yoga.

Altaceste Baptista kickboxing teacher. Black belt in many martial arts such as karate, kickboxing, taekwondo and muaytai, he has become a world champion in many modes and has a collection of titles in important competitions such as the Pan-American, South American and National Championships.

Guameau de Mello holds a degree in Physical Education, a black belt in judo (1st Dawn – 1990), a member of the Brazilian Judo Federation and a graduate of the Sino-Brazilian Academy of Kung Fu Wushu (2009). Kwame Functional Training is directed to recommend, physical condition, stretching and injury prevention. The physicist was also a collaborator with the COT (DPF Tactical Operations Command).

See the weekly schedule of Academia Purity

* With information from the Department of Economics

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